Friday, 17 April 2015

Next Papers, Scissores, Rock!

As my holiday in Germany was not so effective regarding the finishing/ painting (AWI) Hessians (one in total, really), and the Western front seemed all so quite again, the only reasonable thing to do is to invade the Renaissance Italian states again. This time with the Pike & Shotte rulebook under my arm and some minor tweaks to the rules (of course).
While I actually got only miniatures for one decent sized army, I will regroup them in mini battalias, just to test for once the effects and issues of a bigger deployment, even if my pike blocks will be 16 men big, (apologise in advance to the true connoisseur, but my Landsknecht reinforcements just have to wait, and of course at 28mm its a transport issue as well).
To enhance the Papers-Scissors-Rock-effect, I will have all the arquebusiers, swordsmen and halbert units etc. as skirmishers, enhance the hedgehog rule, make pike blocks more vulnerable towards artillery and introduce an attempt to capture caracole a bit more diverse. 

Deployment wise it should be checkered otherwise just flat green grass.

The available Imperials

The  available French

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