Monday, 25 May 2015

The 2nd Battalion Grenadier Regiment von Block

This is the second combined Grenadier Regiment formed from the companies from the Infantry Regiments Prinz Karl, von Donop, von Trumbach and Wutingau. To make the differentiations a bit more clearer and enjoyable, than lapels and different coloured pom-poms, I played again with the colur and the "hue" of the small clothes. The miniatures, again, are Perry.
I never thought I could get bogged down by this Hessian Grenadier painting marathon that heavily, but it took a while.
Well, two down, one to go (the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Regiment von Minnigerode*).

*the 4th Gren. Batt. von Koehler will be cancelled, because of a) it served mostly just as garrison and b) I might be mad, but not that mad (i.e. Hessian).

Sunday, 17 May 2015

1918 More Fritzes!

Anton, Eckert, Rolf, Götz, Emil, Adolf, Jörn, Wolf and Gerdt are ready. They are smiling, but you can't see them behind their funny masks, as they are really looking forward to the Michael Offensive. More cannon fodder for the Kaiser. He is always hungry for more, which is understandable as food is really scarce these days.

Figures are from "Great War Miniatures" and "Renegade Miniatures", Terrain is the Facsimile of the "Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery".

Thursday, 14 May 2015

28 June of 1519 before Langeloh exit Soltau

So, wait a minute, the Prince-Bishop wanted to have some abbeys back, he had pawned some lesser German principalities years ago, which where unfortunately related to the old house of the Welfs, which in return found the opportunity too irresistible to get into a feud, just like in the good old days. Yeah, but the relations and tribulations circled wider and wider and the Brunswickers were supporting Karl the V for the Emperor title and so, the others, the Lüneburger-Hildesheimer went for cheering for Francis I. And all clashed at that swamp in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany in Heidschnucken-land - got it?
Easy, a real pre-reformation, Italian War battle, but just on German land, the "Hildesheimer Diocesan Feud", who could resist.

Angus wanted to have Cavalry, so he could get the Lüneburger-Hildesheimer, as "Henry the Middle", who got some extra horses from his bad uncle in Flanders, and I went for Eric I, from Calenberg, who got mighty cash support from the Habsburgers, to buy what? Yeass - guns.
As nobody knows the exact historic deployment, so we aimed for maximum dynamic enthropy.
Between two swamps and two hills and two villages, we skipped the buildings and the hills, we deployed more or less simultaneously, Angus' Swiss pikes at his left (with the Gendarmes d'Ordonnance) and the French Men-at-arms (4 units) at the right. Opposing my enormous battery of heavy guns, mixed in all sorts of Landsknechte, Swordsmen and Arquebusiers.

First Angus tried the old all out attack, but didn't progressed far, then I forgot to shoot (duh), advanced as well and suddenly, the blocks and horses and units were standing on each others toes. Angus Stradioti blocked the french heavy horse for the entire battle, I had a couple of potentially good swings at some units, but the shitty dice ... To quote Boris Vian, an "orgy-like tohuwabohu of straw dim thrown up".

And did I mentioned it, I really, really rolled badly, honest to Fortuna!

But after all I enjoyed myself, the Calenbergs lost OK, just like in real life, but hey-ho, Karl will be Emperor soon and then its payback-time for those Heidschnucken!


Miniatures Perry (Foundry and plastics) as well as som' old GW gun, flags by Flags of War.

more pics and a rap at Angus' page:

The silence before the storm
The indecisive Stradioti

The mean men-at-arms, middle class at its worst!
The infamous Gendarme d'Ordonnance
Landsknechte and their guns, loads of them!
Attack of the francophiles 
Bad war, push of the pikes!
The Germans nobility tries to late without luck
With gods blessing (in catholic painting often a hand pointing somewhere)
the Arquebusiers sent the Spanish Swordsmen to Hell
Campbell is visibly shocked at the success of the French
The Guns in peril 
Last attack of the Landsknechte 
The Swiss even break the last Spanish Swordsmen 
Still the Stradioti are perplex
The French nobility in for the kill -  the day was lost