Saturday, 27 February 2016

Pleasantville Mid October 1776

"The fiend Cornwallis burned a church in upstate New York, killed all our boys and is progressing his plunderous way north! Beware of the Redcoats!"

We actually managed to play the first battle (more a skirmish) on our 1776 AWI Winter campaign!
Campbell, as Lt.Gen. Cornwallis, led his LI Brigade into this little Hamlet, known as Pleasantville, without much further Reconaissance. As the Rebels under the command of Col. Lincoln, played by Bill, decided to drum up resistance and give Col. Cunningham, played by Jim, a helping hand in delaying the red danger they aimed to maybe even embarrassing the Great Lt Gen.

And indeed the first moves of the Redcoats were best described as dithering. Two small Jäger units tried to unlock the militia out of the village. But at the first shots came back, they ordered retreat to the main LI to the centre. This will be Cornwallis first chapters of his career he surely want to forget.

Meanwhile a undersupplied and exhausted Regt. from the reteat out of Tarrytown, the 3rd Marylander Militia arrived in the flank of the Lobsters. Lincoln's troops arrived at the same time and moved to form line out of the woods. That was the high water mark of the Patriots.

In the centre the 3rd Marylanders inflicted some damage, but were shot down by the LI. The 17th Dragoons seem to have difficulties first to find their footing, but then rode down one Militia after the other, with a little help of the fire of the LI. Actually more of a sparring for the Redcoats. After 3 Regt. were broken and Lincoln himself shot dead, the remaining Rebels left the field. Another victory for the crown!

Resumee: It was worth a try, as the "moving about" in wider space seems to be unchartered territory for some of our players, we are all learning the ropes and special conditions of this particular campaign. But the Americans really have to step up their gear. If they are getting easily beaten in 1:1 or even 1:1,5 ratios/scenarios, they must beat the British in their strategically moves and get better at concentrating forces. In this campaign you're only getting that on the field, what you have ordered to be there, and maybe even less!

I hope it was fun for everybody, next turn it will be Gen. Grant (aka Angus) landing on the west bank of the Hudson and what Gen. Greene (aka Bill) will do about.

Campaign update on:

aaand starting now:
Campaign odds:
British vs American = 3:0
British vs American = 1:0*

*automatic retreats of outnumbered units, even if destroyed, are not counted as victories

Cornwallis Brigade enters in column

The 3rd turn and all the Rebels arrive on the field

The Militia is actually really stepping out of the woods

the jaegers try to dislodge the Cunningham‘s wavering Militia

Colonel Lincoln lets his Militia form Line outside the woods

The Death and Glory boys are charging Militia ...
the wavering  farm boys are no match for the Dragoons


  1. Great looking map and figures!

    1. Thanks, Phil! I hope there will be more of the small (maybe a bit bigger in this case) scenarios to come.

  2. Everything is going according to our plans. Campbell made a great job. Now we crossing our fingers for Angus and his happy landing ;)

    1. As the British of that time were proud to make warfare seem to be a science (very typical enlightened view), its always an advantage to have a plan.

  3. The Patriot Break tests were fairly appalling - rolling a double 1 ensures a rout.

    1. True. Maybe the lesson is to concentrate more troops next time – and learn how to survive a victory-aftermath, once your army is slow to pick up speed.