Sunday, 21 May 2017

All of a sudden at 1918 ...

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an owl-like creature at my window and while invading my mind forcing me to make the following purchases ...

The door bell rang and the TV dinner was delivered by Alice. I closed the door and a mouse said to me that I need more metal ...

I dreamt I was followed by three rather unwelcoming chaps with gas-masks through a crater-field as a shrapnel exploded. That was when I woke up at a hospital with a nurse telling me I should paint those metal shards ...

As I listened to Magik Markers "Taste", suddenly three little men dressed in British war-time uniforms danced over the keyboard and begged me to tell their stories ...

... so I did as asked, nothing special really, but I fear there will be more to come.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Bishop of Mainz and the Duke of Swabia defeat the forces of the Eastern Markgraf around 943

There was uprising and revolt in the east of the realm of the regnum teutonicorum, some recently christianised upstart of a Marchbaron(played by Bart) trying to enter the lands of the Franconians. So the Bishop of Mainz (me) with his Infantry was supported and led by the Duke of Swabia (Peter) with all his veteran milites, to beat the shit out of the ursurper and drive him back to the dark lands where he came from with the help of our 28mm figures and the notorious Hail Caesar rules. We all had one CinC and 3 sub-commander and 9 units. The Holy Roman Empire had the upper hand on milites and Bart the evil Baron, had more crossbowmen, but we allowed him this truly unfair advantage -  therefore in turn, we just came up with no plan at all and just attacked!
Initially Bart deployed partially behind a River (more a rivulet - an 3" obstacle), and we gained the 1st turn. Peters Cavalry swayed and met Barts milites half way in an epic clash of chainmail and breaking lances! While I marched forward for Christi and shot some of the Eastern Ex-Saxonians.

Then Bart counter-attacked and it developed into the usual bloody mess of Norman style metal havoc. Barts crossbow men traversed the rivulet, but he kept his main heavy infantry on the other side of the water. Usually the ones who keeps calm and some reserves wins these medieval massacres, but not this time. I attacked and stood fast against Barts counterattack, meanwhile Peter managed to emerge victorious out of this messy flank bloodbath. 

That was when the dastardly evil Baron Bart accused Peter of cheating! Technically they both got carried away and Peter lost one round of casualties on one unit, but that didn't broke the mould and as Peter was new to the rules, we decided to excommunicate Bart and sent him back into the Lausitz - I cannot think of a more severe punishment!

This Battle report is the only truth because the Holy Spirit told me so!!

It was all in all an very enjoyable game - the winning against Bart was just a bonus. 

His review will probably be biased differently, but hey, that are the pitfalls of true mediaevistic!

The Mainzer contingent
The initial deployment 
The forces of evil 
The defender of christendom are advancing
Help on horses from Swabia
The eastern hordes counter attack!
Barts men crossing the river
Prayers and good arrows ...
... will help against the threat! 
The Swabian and Saxonians are clashing! 
A little help of Carinthians (??)
Hold the line with prayers
The bloody mess after the cavalry bash
The Ottonians are attacking again!
Pushing the Crossbows back over the river
The Duke of Swabia is sweeping up the flank 
More blood, chainmail, swords and horses ...
Meanwhile havoc in the centre
... slowly the holy forces of good are prevailing ...
with the help of the true cross of I.K.E.A.
Na, OK, our milites were quite a wreck as well ...

Our expert in these matters also agreed it was a clear win!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Von Manteuffel‘s 1st Battalion and Baron von Schönaich's Cuirassiers

Maybe I dabble a bit into 10mm Seven Years War, I thought, and purchased and tested some lovely Pendraken miniatures. They are a joy to paint and give ample room for details and embellishments such as stripes. I forgot to order the single generic pole bearers though, as I prefer the flags to be printed though ... watch this space ...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Somewhere between Verdun and Arras around 1918 at Tuesday Eve

Events as they truly happened at the Western front somewhere between Verdun and Arras around 1918 for the first time in technicolor:

The French were heavily attacked and lost the first line and reinforced their  second line. The Germans got now stuck in-between the nowhere land. A Beutepanzer got stuck in the muck as well. No artillery support were available for both sides. Both sides called for reinforcements, the famous Stosstuppen with a little help of Lotti (THE A7V!) against the infamous Schneider tank. 

Who would reach the empty Mark IV in the middle first and "re-ignite" the engine with a little help of a running engineer (Junior leader)?
Gen.Cambelle (normally the Anti-Neville) stoutly defended France while me and Major Bart as the Huns tried to reach for Paris in a week. All in common were the faint knowledge of the rules we applied (Chain of Command derivate of Through Mud and the Blood - CoCotMatB for short) and the legal supports of the walking Grimoires of the club Jack and Derek.

My platoon was stuck in the middle and low on morale as Barts veterans arrived on the left flank. In short, I got more or less blown out of my holes and craters, while Bart re-captured the Beute-Beute-Panzer for the Kaiser and he even reached the second line before the truly Wagnerian ending came along in accumulated "very bad things" that happened and thus slammed our morale points down to zero. 

My platoon ran away first straight back to Kiel to tell about the inevitability of the defeat and to join the sailors, while Barts Sturmtruppen got beat several turns later, but returned in denial to Munich …

Bien Joué Campbell! I gladly cede the complete Rhineland, you can have it! 

Scenario: Myself
Minis: Again myself and Campbells
Terrain: Angus and some pixel pushing on my part

The following reportage were attained through the use of a Nikon featuring as a Zeiss Ikon 1914. No tin widows were created during the process. Please, if you are a politician, act responsibly and do not try to repeat this at home, or anywhere else for that matter!