Sunday, 26 January 2020

Sticky Miranda at Ebro 1814

This weeks game was 28mm, Black Powder 2, Bart had prepared a Napoleonic alternative history scenario in the middle of Spain (Alas I have no clues about the historical references or what was left of them in this alternative out set). French and British would arrive at the same time on a road fork, the British trying to escape over the bridge (getting points for each unit) while the French were trying to prevent that. Me and Alisdair played the Wellington schnitzels while Bart and Peter were fighting for a French empire or a free Poland or both.

The start was better than anticipated, even though we weren't getting as far as we should. I had devised a plan again to sacrifice the normal line brigade and while the cavalry held the road open as long as possible our elites would march into town (and over the bridge ultimately). The cavalry just marched on into the village not reaching their defensive positions. Next the French-Polish cavalry charged in - Ouch! Squares were formed, but the enemy artillery was already in spectacular (as in view) positions ... Then I hit the blunder button, my elite brigade scrambled everything up, ready to be scooped up by French horse or guns or attack column. From then it just went downhill really, so that we just decided to reach the town and stay for bit of a fight ... that was when the time was running out.

It was a magnificent game witch spectacular miniature collections (Barts French-Polish and Peters Brits) a real big Napoleonic bash, what could one ask for more? Next time though I should stay with Herr v. Clausewitz and stop making plans, they don't survive the first minutes of battle (even the table top ones) anyway! :)

The French competition

The British lot

Look how far we‘ve got 
... and the enemy!

The British cavalry really wants to go home!

We might just sneak by ...

pretending they not there ... 
our sacrificial line with the gun adjactent ...

Boom! What was that? ... a blunder ...

the last strugglers  will defend the village

The horse gun keeping the entry to the village open by sheer mind force!

again the "Sacrificial lamb brigade" firing at the incoming punters 
end of game no ones leaving this town soon! More tapas then, hey!

Sunday, 19 January 2020

The Austrians are coming - The Deutschmeister Regiment

Its been a looong time since  I posted newly painted regiments. Mainly amongst other reasons I was painting SYW Russians whos uniforms look all the same anyhow... but now as I succumb to the Habsburg bug yet again (Yep, I count the Great Italian Wars Landsknechts under Maximilian/ Charles V to the Habsburgs as well!), I paint the Seven Years War Austrians.

My first regiment were the IR 1 the "Kaiser" Regiment which were quite  generic in their uniform a bit red the rest white, white and more white ...

Therefore the second had to be somewhat different! I choose the Deutschmeister, IR 4 (I know the numbering came later, but its useful). The Name stuck after their first colonel Franz Ludwig, Duke of Bavaria, who was actually a Hochmeister Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, the "Deutsch-ritterorden", hence the name. From their regimental history it becomes quite clear that they quickly became distiguished, a Leib-regiment, they fought the Turks and along with Prinz Eugene from Savoy, they pop up all the way through the main theatres from 1700 onwards.

So I made the decision to paint them a bit differently. The Austrians regulated and re-organised their appearance of their army at the end of the war (1762), basically to make them more"uniform", but also to save money - Maria Theresia was (or still was) like most of her allies and opponents more or less broke. So all the colourful trousers and  coats insides dissapear and all we have left is (coloured) cuffs and lapels only with some pompoms on the hat to distinguish. What I realised then was that most of the suppliers sell the later variant (with the pompoms) which is funny as it just covers the last two years. So out with the dremel and and in dark blue they got drenched, my Deutschmeister would wear the "old" unifrom!

The regiment distinguished themselves at the Battle of Kolin 1757 for repulsing the Prussian Line. Also Major Count Johan Soro with a battalion of grenadiers repeatedly attacked, despite having received a shot in the leg, he remained at the head until he fainted. The brought him back to the field lazarett were he again clear returned back to the regiment, where he finally lost his leg through a cannonball! - So I decided to let him be the leader of that regiment and "dremeled" his right leg to a "wooden" one. I somewhat know that I need such dedication in my new Austrian army, haha!

Also as my regiments need 24 minis and  I wanted to field them in Austrian Succession style AND Seven Years (after Lobositz) style I added a 4x4 of Grenadiers. (It also Gives ma a good excuse to raise 5 regiments to have a single Grenadier one ... I know ...)

the whole lot

The command base with Count Soro in the front, in the back a generic command base

The Grenadiers upfront

The Grenadiers back

Austrian war of Successions modus of deployment

Seven Years war modus of deplyment

Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Battle of Soggy Bottom somewhere in England shortly before they killed a King

This week it was 28mm, For King & Parliament, Peter and Campbell, and somesort of a warm up for the upcoming big sunday game a la Edgehill. So Campbell, Mike and Alisdair and Mike were defending the rights of parliament while Bart, me and Peter managed the Kings expectations cavalier like. Bart had the left Horse wing while Peter the right Horse, I was managing the centre and came up with a plan (how German I know ...): an inverted Cannae -  I would march forward and attack while the two flanks stay behind just to wait for the enemy to attack my flanks that they in turn could attack theirs. ... plans...

Bart waited assiduously, while Peter pressed forward nevertheless. I did my part of the plan, made some more or less successful attacks, but then Campbell cavalry saw the gap and charged my veterans in the flank. Bart was too far away to react, maybe he waited on a written invitation, but nevertheless in these rules a flank attack is always fatal. And so the veterans perished, and so the next unit, and the next as well ... a sweeping disaster. 3 out of 5 blocks were gone.

Then I advanced with me untested and greenies and shot Campbells Horse to mud! At least I revenged the loss of my line. But I shalt not fear as for the rest of the game they hold the line vs Mikes six blocks and a gun on a hill. Barts cavalry manoeuvres were a mystical mistery and probably made sense only to himself but he managed to wound Cromwell and exchanged his flank against Campbells.

So it was just down to Peter vs Alisdair and MDF Michael ... well It didn‘t went too well and at the end of the night my greenies still held the line, but lost via points/coins and had more losses than the roundheads so we lost. Even though the simplest of plans are obviously impossible in these club games, I still had a tremendously fun evening!

Guten Abend!

The initial set up

Barts guns towards the Roundheads

My Royal Veterans

My whole brigade

Ammunition ready

Marching forward

still marching forward

the first time we ever did a volley & charge attack of the veterans ... didn't changed much

Then Campbell's Horse swiped the veterans and two other cleanly from the plate

... and another

until my greenies were all that was left

Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Battle Of Amphipolis - 422BC (Hail Caesar)

What a better way to start the year with some of the same you ended it? - So I put my Spartans and Athenians (28mm Warlord games and Victrix mix) on the table and we were going for the ancient battle late in the Peloponnesian War around Amphipolis.

In short, in real history, Cleon, the Delian empire general, strutted his forces in front of the city walls (just invisible on the long hill at the table edge in our illustrous case), while Brasidas went in for the kill, and lost his life but won the battle for the Spartans. So Bart (spartans and the King's Body Guard) and me (allies and Helots) stepped in for the Peleponnesian League while Mike (the Delian elite and allied hoplites) and Alisdair (the Thessalonian Riders and other rabble and peltasts) fought for Athens and his Delian Empire.

The Athenians were quite advanced as the Spartan King and his retinue went for a little Hoplidromos and charged the Athenians on the little hill! Whil I just advanced but kept my distance to the outnumbering Athenians. In fact both parties had the similar tactic, to block on flank, while the other should advance and outflank and roll up the other. You know what happens with plans!

Barts attack was soon quickly surrounded by more Athenians than he could think of and very early in the game Brasidas and his bodyguard got slaughtered! It looked like a walk over for the Athenians.
On my side my rabble was just tethering before the other rabble, avoiding clashes at all costs.

Soon in the centre something changed. The Athenians learned that the Spartan hydra had more heads than they wished for. On after the other Athenian hoplites were melting away before the last Spartan mora, while I kept (more or less because Alisdairs bad control dicing) the other flank away.

In the end many men and units were destroyed, both sides lost a lot and all cohesion to form anything formation wise let alone a charge, we called it a day. The Spartan king was dead and probably all Athenians would have retreated behind the city walls of Amphipolis, still in the hands of the Delian Empire – so we delared it an Athenian victory, but just about it, as the Spartans had give a good show for their money, but they lost a king ...

Initial deployment

The Athenian heavy hoplites

The helot rabble on Spartan side 
The Delian centre

all phalanges drew closer but we keep or formations

The Athenian allied Peltasts are far away

one unarmoured full mora joins my Helots for help

The Spartan king is surrounded on the hill!!!

The Thessalian cavalry attacks

just one mora dares vs 3 Delian morae, all in deep formation

a volte face as I withdraw and in the centre clashes the moras

the unarmored mora fans out her Lochons to a wide phalanx, but looses the tight formation

... nevertheless the flanks of the centre are covered once again!

my flat and long fanned out phalanx vs peppering peltasts

but the fight in the center stalls our deep phalanges getting beaten

and the king and his bodyguard die!!!

in an all out war cry we scream for revenge and charge!

the hippei clash and the peltasts join in

the last Spartan hoplites charge in anger!

the Athenians are melting away

my spartan horse wins!!! and  joins back to hunt peltasts

my unarmoured hoplites try to join in with the last spartans

... but they are too far away

the elan has gone the shields are heavy as the sun sets before the wall of amphipolis