Sunday, 11 November 2018

War is over!


The most precious piece of educational enlightenment I've seen on youtube, I hope they keep it on youtube for a loooong time to come.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Rolf and Henri The Red – SAGA continues ... for some ...

Bart and me opted for a frollicking Dark Age, 28mm, Hail Caesar battle feast, as Bart finished some of his new Norman troops and milites. And you know that new toy soldiers cannot be denied their new entry!

Alistair was also press ganged into the havoc, partly as Henry the Red and his Ottonians while I delightfully opted for the peasantry and the supporting clerical role this time, hoping to recreate the success of Alistairs last bishopric performance.

As we recall last time Rolund and his Viking fiends were massively beaten as Henri followed them before their forces could unite. Now the Bishop and Henri were hunting down the remnants of Rolund to his "Markgraf" county border, not knowing that he already had sent (and paid!!) for reinforcements. Not only his men but also a new Viking associates. The trap was set.

We were out numbered and out classed on a battle field that looked much like a cross between Agincourt and Cannae, but that would not deter any red blooded knight, certainly not Henri! So the built up was slowly and mercilessly. Bart advanced with his foot troops and began to pepper our archers and foot knights. And the bishops peasants took their time to turn up.

Then came the first cavalry clash and the first part of Rolunds milites got a severe hammering. But that left Henries milites quite weak and battered as well, so the upcoming second division of Rolunds horse spelt doom for any Ottonian hopes of victory.

Then the trap sprung and another foe appeared in the rear of our army – more Vikings! Our soft Peasant army was literally melting away. Then the last charge of the battle came and Rolund clashed with his fresh troops again into Henries milites and slaughtered them comprehensively. Henri got wounded two times and was just able to retreat off the battle field.

In an act of merciful self censorship, we are unable to show images of the conclusion and aftermath of the battle as they were too brutal to present them in front of any audience.

Henri‘s reign will end soon, nearly mortally wounded and surrounded by field medics, his fate is sealed. Will his son Henri II take up the fight or will fate of the border realm or the Emperor himself surprise us?
... we will vow to truthfully and continuously report the deeds of this Saga ... watch closely!

Barts Norman Cavalry

Bart centre forces the archer and the infantry

... More of it ...

... and Barts NEW Norman Cavalry!!!

Rolund marches forward with his "Mannen"

Rolunds centre forms at the river 
Henri the Reds centre has difficulties of forming somewhat of a line

But Henris Cavalry waits for its moment to charge 
Finally the peasant army of Bishop "Luitdolf the Pimpled" arrives on field!

The two Norman/Ottonian armies are drawn up and poised to clash
Then before the Rolund horse could unite Henri the Red lures Rolund into a clash

Rolund has never fought down these East Franconian milites

slowly Henris army forms up

Badly beaten Rolunds milites retreat

But then ... what is this ... Rolunds Pagan allies, the Vikings attack the peasants rear guard

Wild and heavily armoured veteran vikings against unarmoured peasants ... the outcome is predictable
Yet again the other units of Rolund fresh new milites clash into Henris battered knights

... and surround them in a fierce fight

Henri is wounded two times and barely gets away with his own life

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Somewhere in Newsby very old school English Civil War 28mm "Pikemens Lament"

Halleluja and God Save the Stuart King! Mike (a new Mike in our club), me and Peter and Bart were playing a wee Renaissance skirmish, 28mm, ECW, Pikemen‘s Lament with the beautifully painted miniatures from said Mike. Peter and Mike played the Parlamentarians. Actually they had blue caps and looked quite Montreuse but hey, what do I know about English affairs. Me and Bart defended the honour of the King.

The scenario was out of some Ospreuse booklet of the same family of that famous rule set and constituted of two"armies", and I use the term here loosely, approaching a small fordable rivulet. Who's pittiful complete contingent of mauradeurs or the leftovers thereof finished successfully the river crossing, will have the day! 2 Waggons were thrown in for extra points, Huzzah!

Me and Bart had the same brilliant idea to split the forces into Horse (Bart) and Foot (me), while Peter and Mike were dividing their forces sensibly as you would expect from parle-lamenting Puritans. I would advance to the river and block Mike and wait until Bart had finished his Horses to cross and then I would or try dying. – just I didn‘t move the first three turns (apart from a handful of pikemen).

I don‘t know what happened on Bart and Peters side, but as everybody expected (Bart and cavalry) there was a reputation on the line and Bart delivered. Bart has a particular way of dealing with (cavalry) charges and losses and counter attacks that make the Black knight in Monty Pythons Holy Grail look almost defaitist. Peter got smashed by relentless attritional Mini-massacres!

I lured Mike‘s Ironheads around the woods and bottlenecked them there ... or better they had activation issues. the rest of my foote marched towards the river cleaned up the skirmishers by shotte and then crossed the river. That was the time when Mikes Horse attacked and "cleaned up" my act. Still what wasn‘t over the river was killed, so we could end the battle and had low and behold More points over the river than our puny little Puritans! Aand we managed to get their waggon too (sound of an old-fashioned cashier!).

What a great game! I love it, if I just rudimentarily know the rules and win!

 Bart‘s report:

Finally the crowd moves ... into the field

and close to cover

or hiding between houses

as the Horse did the same

Barts first unit crossing the river

And Mikes two cavalry units crossing (they would be the only ones in the whole game)

Barts ante portas

Peter is shooting but to no avail ...

Mikes skirmishing Shotte are approaching

And get hit by my Shotties

and the carnival of pike is rolling nearer towards the river and the bridge

Mikes Horse in some complicated maneuvre

and my foote just strides away from the crossing

Now or never

the catholic hordes near the bridge 

and then the crossing – getting shot at

But passing the bridge 

and getting volleyed at

and even amused by a cannon!!! But to No Avail!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Half time ....

... of my Ancient Greek project: The Delian/Athenians are almost ready (99%) and the Spartans are beginning to built up. The auxiliary troops, cavalry and the skirmishers are finished ... maybe I do some archers later on, but that would be just two small units a 12 each.

The Greek unit was called Phylei and was made of two lochoi (round 300 hoplites) - so I decided to go for 12 minis a 1 lochos (a nice 1:25 men ratio). The back row on 4x4s and the front on 120 x 60 for more drama ... some slain hoplites and some different stages of phalanx situations. As I came to understand they all fought in this format, just ones more successful, professional and co-ordinated than others. The Phalanx – a fluid thing really, which proposes an issue in game rule terms, as you can only have a bonus or not ...

... at the end some self-made rules for Hail Caesar until I found the ruleset that actually get into the ancient Greek phalanx warfare a bit more in detail ... or I just have to invent them ... :)

The slingers in front of some greek phylei

another one .. recently (nearly) finished

The whole Athenian army with some starters of the Spartan one in front of it ... 
Peltasts for some, for the Spartans just "Helots"

The beginning of a Spartian Lochos - all un-inked and without any decals ...

The famous Spartan bodyguard of the King

same bodyguard from behind ... are rare sight to see ...

In front some Greek Cavalry (the worst in Spartans case)

... and the Thessalonikian straw-hat hippeis ... somewhat different and more effective
... some more peltasts and Athenian phyleis ...

... some more slingers and Athenian phyleis ... 
the persil washed Spartiates before "the big dirt" ...