Sunday, 19 May 2019

When you feel the urge for overkill ... (Ar-Bart-Ghorgorgorgoroth-al-dhul)

This time we decided to play Lord of the Rings, 28mm, with Alisdairs figures. He came up with a  typical last stand scenario, where the dwarves meet Galadriel with just a few guards (played by Bart) and then the overpowering hordes of (Dol-Guldur?) Gorgorgoroth come along to crush everybody (played by me as I have a soft spot for all evil, and was a dark owner of a once mighty (350 souls) ork horde). Alisdair would kindly play the umpire as me and Bart didn't (as usual) read the rules.

So task was easy, I had more units because I'm evil and then more because it was a last stand scenario - hey I like it! Bart out manouvered me a couple of times and hit first and got some charges, but in the end I made my numbers count. I send my beast and hard units to his flank and showered the others with arrows. Hach, da plan worked! Slowly Barts dwarven line was melting away, his Elven cavalry attack rode into doom, and then I killed Galadriel (ups, pardon moi, I know, very politically incorrect, but I didn't hit her, the arrows of my horde just did it), end of movie, credits start to run, no happy end (at least not for Celeborn for a while) as we run out of time, but Bart conceded defeat, so I had also demoralised his fighting spirit ... total victory on every level - I imitated a cinematic evile laugh ...

Then Alisdair apologised for underestimating the power of the horde and the set up of an unbalanced scenario ... ts, ts, ts, puny humans always get so easily emotionally unbalanced. Me though had a marvelous evening, and enjoyed killing good ones ... Yours, sincerely evil Captn Bad!

P.S. and at home I finished a late project ...

Thats me, the Vice-Chancelor of Minas Morgul with a cool move pointing at all he wants to be dead

Thats my horde plus the 20p coin is the center of the lidless Eye!!!

On the hill for now the elves and stunties (dwarves) and Galadriel

My deathknights and trolls advance to crush the puny humanoids

Then my death knights collide with the elven guard, me again pointing towards victims
while my goblin warge riders crush small dwarves!

Elves look good, even better when dying

the pointing-towards-victims-move did work!

a few stunties less to worry 

even the hands of the dwarf gods cannot prevent a few additional pages in the book of grudge

Thats my ever firing gogoroth horde - did I mention, I like hordes? 

short attacks followed by feigned retreats and then a shower of arrows

my small hordes surrounding the allies

my warg riders behind the lines 

the death knights sourounding the dwarves

Galadriel the sexy beast throws herself into battle wow! 
... just to get shot down - Galadriel no more!

Oh, may I introduce my 2 new friends: 6x4Eins and 6x4Zwei

together they are even better

Sunday, 12 May 2019

1781 the slaughter at Villeneuve - AWI

Last Thursday we re-vamped the 28mm AWI mini campaign with the help pf "Eve of Battle".

Bart (the French-American) would have a river on his side and a BUA in front of his nose, a scouting unit and a fortified position (12") and the 1st turn, while Alisdair (the British) had a surprise attack (25% of the deploy can attack from the flanking table sides).

Bart got really quick into the heavy positions (the BUA and the fence plus his fortified position), before Alisdair could come in and make any real surprises! But he choose the Grenadiers to do so behind the enemy lines on the right flank behind the river. Bart just opposed him with his wavering Militia and a Continental Army regiment.

Alisdair had a unthankful task, but if his Grenadiers could kill one unit, especially the wavering Militia (or drive off field), he could retreat and play on time. Unfortunately in the ensueing fire fight he rolled two times so bad that, with some french help Bart was able to kill of Alisdairs best unit.

Now he really had to do what Bart would like best, attacking his fortified positions. Brigade-Gen. Alistair MacWatson did the heroic and nearly softened the Continentals in the house to breaking point, but they just hold! Then the French line came on the flank and brutally ended the combat and indeed the battle with a killer enfilade. Alisdair conceded defeat and Bart leads now the competition with 3 glory points (hey! its just the start!) ... next time Peter (the Hessian) must defend the King vs Mike and his Americans ... watch this space!

The British choose to come in march column ...

While The French-American had the first turn and were already in good position 
The little Hamlet was built up to a fortress

Then the Crown forces arrived in the second turn at the fences 

Basic position plus the surprise attack of the Grenadiers 
Shoot the rabble off the field!

But the rabble outnumber the Grenadiers .... 
Meanwhile the French allies hold their positions easily

Wave after wave is repelled in deadly volleys

Where  another British Line tries to outflank the hamlet 
Again fierce fire fighting, and the Grenadiers last stand

and the flank peppered by redcoats 
But the fire fights have one downside

The Rebels are in the better position

A house as good as new, aka Villeneuve ... 

The last ditch attack against the walls and the house

The British are inside the "garden"
But the French come in with a killer flank attack 
After this failed combat The British officer ceded defeat and the French American won the day!
Brig.-Gen. Bartholome d'Affrontal wins 3 glory points!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

American War of Independence - Glory or Death, Boyz! - Campaign

Set in an alternative American War of Independence, say after the French have declared war and the Battle at Chesapeake Bay didn’t went so well for the French our 4 players fight to their teeth for the most glory!
We would imagine the big war parties are tied in to some extend in sieges or counter sieges at Yorktown, and or maybe somewhere else and attacks and invasions on the Sugar Islands. The availability of re-inforcements for armies on the American continent has somewhat diminished for all parties.
The French have as usual difficulties, financial and logistical to get their troops and supplies over the Atlantic. The British have troubles to commit their efforts to the American continent and the Sugar Islands at the same time. The Hessians are bleeding dry of recruits and not getting subsidies from war-weary Britain. And the Americans are running out of steam, support and supplies. While the taste and possibilities for big decisive battles seems to have diminished, maybe the decision will and must come in some smaller engagements.

This is the time where the war will be decided by a bunch of four unlikely Brigade Generals, committed to a small guerrilla warfare somewhere in the big theatre between Yorktown or Philadelphia or New York! Only the one who earns himself the most glory can tip the balance in favour for his side!

And this time it starts with some small skrimish at the Bloody Nose Creek, where Sir Alisdair defends the honour of the King (George) vs Monsiuer Bartholome who fights for his King (Louis) as well .. and of course for lady liberty, voila!

Brigade General Sir Alisdair MacWatson

Brigadier General Monsieur Bartolome d'Affrontal
British stats

American-French stats

Battlefield established by "Eve of Battle"

Further Campaign terms:

What the Base Battle Field will look like:
25% Wood coverage and one road crossing from one end to other; Basic Deployment is 12” into the long side. The rest will be established in an "Eve of Battle" card game before each battle.

The four players will be Bart (French), Alisdair (British), Mike (American and Peter (Hessian) with me being umpire all the time. 

Who has the most won glory points (GPs) wins each battle and finally the war! Rules will be Black Powder 1 plus some amended additional useful rules. The CinCs and supporting brigadiers are undestructable, we somehow presume they can cheat death on the battlefield – they are heroes after all!

Glory points: 
for won battle +1 GP AND 1 Additional Line Regiment next Battle! But only for the player who had the Supreme command!
For each broken enemy unit per battle!
For each shaken and or disordered units driven off the field (and thus not to come back) per battle!
For each normally driven off units that are unable to comeback before the last turn per battle!
Captured objectives will get you +2 GPs (per battle)!
+2 for the most GPs at the end of the campaign!
+3 for being part of the winning team at the end of the campaign!

The Battles are always on 8x6 tables, and this marks effectively the battle much like a boxing ring. If both opponents have the same number of “destroyed” units, the one with the most units on the table wins (and gets the additional GP). Otherwise its a draw and no one gets the won battle bonus/glory point.

CinCs can accept voluntarily defeat after a minimum of 6 turns only, and the opposing gentleman HAS TO accept this. We are gentlemen after all! Ceding the won battle bonus and accept the glory point distribution of that battle. Otherwise it can be a fight to the last men standing OR the time is running out (9:45PM sharp regardless of turns).

Campaign ends after approximately 8 battles are fought; the CinCs should alternate, but must have an equal amount of being in overall command at the end of the campaign! The Brigade general (and his side then) with the most GPs wins overall glory and fame, Huzzah!

Base Brigades (as a minimum starting point)
1 CinC (your brigadier)
1 Brigadier command (Your team mate)
1 (ONE) Infantry brigade consisting of:
French: 2 French and 2 Militia; 
American: 2 Continentals and two Militia
Hessian: 3 Line
British: 2 line and 1 Grenadier OR 1 LI
If two Brigadiers play per side the minimum brigades apply as well (so we have 4 basic brigades fighting each other). If just one brigadier per side plays then just the two.

PLUS of course, any amends and reinforcements an EOB (card)game will bring each battle!

You can brigade your army as you see fit, but your team mate must at least get 40% of the number of units to command!!!

Aim Each month every 4-5 weeks one game!

Full possible troops available:

2 guns
1 Dragoons
3 commands
1 Gren
1 LI
6 Foot
1 small Pickets (Skirmish)

1 gun
3 commands
2 Fussiliers
3 Musketiers
4 Grenadiers
1-2 Jäger (skirmish)

MAXimum possible for the CROWN: 1 Dragoon, 3 Guns, 6 commands, 17 Foot, 2-3 small Skirmishers, 3 siege guns;

2 guns
1 Dragoons
3 commands
6 CAs
3 Militias
1 Riflemen (skirmishers)

1 Command
2 Line Infantry
MAXIMUM possible for the Patriots: 1 Dragoon, 3 Guns, 4 commands, 11 Foot, 1-2 small Skirmishers, 3 siege guns;

Units that can be chosen by all (if the cards allow):
3 Heavy guns 12 pdr
1 Galloper gun
1 indian (Skirmishers)

Friday, 3 May 2019

Rolund and Henri II, the Saga _ the end of Luitpolt the Fat

After Henri the Red was mortally wounded, Bishop Luitpolt the Fat, promised Rolund a riches in gold for keeping his Vikings under control, so Rolund left the fiefdom in peace. But the bishop never paid, as they do, so Rolund vowed to come back and sack the Bishoprics town called Fetthausen. 
Word was sent to Henri II, son of Henri the Red, and the town got prepared for battle, men and mouse. Problem only that the Bishops money went into building a church rather then finishing an urgently needed town wall. But then the shield walls of the enemy already appeared on the hills of the surrounding fields. This is where our battle starts (28mm, Hail Caesar), my peasant army and the infantry of Henri and some help of Mikes milites, vs Barts Norman and viking army that grows ever more terrifyingly larger, Alisdair helped out as Barts Duke and led his men over the river. 

The 6 units of Henris II Milites would come in at turn (1d6+1).

It was as always a lopsided affair. We tried our best to hold the barbarians at bay, but soon the hordes washed of the river and Luitpolt the truchsess of the bishop got killed in the early cavalry fights. Then the Vikings swarmed towards the wall and attacked straight away. Minutes later the bowmen of the town lay dead at the (tiny) wall of Fetthausen. Our outer flank was soon collapsing, we send the peasant before the horses of the on-charging milites to save the armoured soldiers ... it worked!!, soon Rolund would be stuck in a house-to-house fight, haha! ... but then some elite berserker Viking mob jumped over the wall and massacred the bishops soldier retinue in no time. Unfortunately Luitpolt was with them and did not survive. 

That left us leaderless and chaos soon replaced discipline ... but then in the distance, some of the guards could see riders ... something glittering far away – but they/it vanished again, leaving the town to its own, surely brutish fate... (which of course we cannot display as it would offend rightfully everybodys taste).

What happened to the milites that were promised to rescue Fetthausen? What will happen to Rolund‘s men after the looting of the town? How quick can Vikings be awaken and battle ready after some drunken night? ... we will see in the next episode ....

All events, of course, are truthfully told according to the gods and church codex in this oecommenical and inclusive saga of the Markgraf.

Initial set up

Rolfs Viking dogs decending the hill

Rolfs retinue

The Bowmen of Fetthausen

and their peasant army

The first clash of Milites on horseback

Mike tries to hold the flank against the Norman wave that is pushing over the river

The shieldwall of the Bishops knights on the gap where the townwall still is just "work in progress"

Bishop Luitpolt, der Fette, hiding behind his 'Dienstmannen‘

The brave bowmen watching the Vikings approach

... the Norse men at the "Furt"

Luidolf‘s, der Picklige, last stand ...
Luidolf, the bishops military provost is no more ...

and the Vikings are at the "wall" ... 
... and now inside the town!!! Rette sich wer kann!

leaderless on the outer flank the peasants hurry together ... 
while the knights retreat to town

there the unbelievable happens the bishop and his knights get killed!

while the peasant flank gets ridden down ...

there the gate guards pointing towards something in the distance ...?