Sunday, 21 April 2013

The first regiment - The 64th

I don't know anymore, why it turned out to be the 64th. Maybe because of the black facings? I'm always been design driven, not so much about historical accuracy. At that point I didn't had a clue about the uniforms, I just wanted to own a nice redcoat army with tricornes mostly.
Next thing I know, I bought the 'Digby' and realised that my 'tricorne' era was pretty much over soon after the AWI started and that the battles I could try to recreate would take an enormous amount of lead (Long Island, White Plains). That was the point I decided NOT to recreate historical accuracy. It is a futile exercise in history and strategy anyway, in my humble opinion. Most of the scenario-MCs divert into the legendary 'What-if' land and invent. At the end of the day its just a game, guys, just a game.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hach, redcoats ...

This is the very first Redcoat, I painted it here in Scotland. Let us name him Rupert, to deflect from his lamentable poor skin condition ( probably acne vulgaris).
After I got the history bug (even if in a very mild form), I decided to join the Edinburgh wargames club (SESWC) and to paint and collect a nicely comfortable contingent of metal figures of the American Independence War.

I will post more images in the near future, as I hopefully re-master my photography skills.

You have to see the white in their eyes, and so it shall be.

First time flyer...

Well for a couple of years I tried successfully to avoid blogs. And No I'm not a blogger. I just need space for my meneken pics, battle reports (if do I win, that is), and lists and new stuff, workbench etc. ...
So here it is the first post: Images from my air flottila. All balsa wood, self made, some from US imported plans, some just from kit. I apologize in advance for the dust you might detect - I'm normally a very cleanly person.