Friday, 16 May 2014

The Final Battle at the Hidden Hamlet (Third Part - conclusion)

The British were holding the position. Why did they not move? General Paulus Washingtonopolous wondered, if his final strategem to anihilate the the British weak flank and then to encircle them would work. Would the bloodthirsty natives and the riflemen sharpshooter could give the Bristish centre THE final blow? But why on earth did they wait until his trap was sprung? The British did not move....

This was the final conclusion of the last Battle of the campaign and what a tremendous tide of battle fortune it was. At the end of the last week it looked as if Paul is going to recover from the anihilation of his right wing and counter attack and even encircle the British remaining troops. He lost more units than I had in the game, but the Americans could afford it.

Then the last part started and my British General, the only officer left on the field, didn't make one successful order roll for 3 consecutive turns. That must be punishable and surely exploitable by the Americans – the enemy was closing in ... then the Grenadiers weakened from sharpshooters were picked off by the Stockbridge Indians, and then the only gun helpless perished.

But then the Guards remembered the drill and shot what the cartridge could give. First the nearest American line was gone, the Americans had only one Line left, untested and fresh from Philadelphia.
The rifle men and the indians were giving hell the last Guard line were the British General was holding out, rallying them to stay and hold the line. And they did. Paul had 2 chances to kill them and to end the Battle in his favour. The guards saved.

Then I shot at the Last American Line, one casualty, therefore they had to test – stamina one and already permanently shaken. After this they tried to retreat, but were shot to pieces.

This is when the American rolled up their flags, The indians went home and the riflemen for a pint. The war was over.

I win the campaign with 4 to 3 victories and 8 to 5 victory points.

"... Yes , Sergeant, Please set up a note for His Majesty ... Maybe we can sign the cease fire at this sleepy little port, what was the name, something with york ... err aaand, yes and suggest to the King he may now raise any taxes at just he pleases. ... maybe suggest Tarlton as a vice-roy? Or Amherst? ... (whistle) ..."

The Grenadiers ... shot to pieces

The Sharpshooters come closer

the last American Red Waistcoats advance

The British at the lowest point

The red waist coats ran ... (not in the picture)

The last attack of the Americans

But the fire of the British prove to be too much for the untested ...
The victorious guards finally come out of the woods to take prisoners...

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Final Battle at the Hidden Hamlet (Second Part)

No, No, the battle is still not over. Far from over.

Yes, it started with 11 units against 6, and now it is 4 against 5. And the American lost their only gun.

We continued the battle here we had left last time and I shot of the mauled French finally off the map.
After that my LI came to hold the line and shoot/fought off the last militia men and the American gun and another Line!!

In return the heroes of the Hidden Hamlet were assassinated by some Rebel scum – my first lost unit.

On the other hand the flank attack of the Riflemen and the Indians killed my Brigadier Richard and his unit, which I have to say  had hold out longer, than I ever anticipated.

Still the American general plays greek and won't give in.

to be continued...

the right flank of the British awaiting the attack of the Riflemen

Brigadier Richard before the attack of the Stockbridge Indians

The Light Infantry in for the kill

The American centre and their artillery 'missing'

The heroes in their last fight ...

The American centre with wargamers crotch syndrome

as it stands when we left ...

the plan... what plan?