Thursday, 30 October 2014

Camden and back again!

I needed the fix, it has been so long since the last AWI battle, I have to confess. So I just dreamed up a camden scenario (flat grass thats it), or the lack of it and off we go. Paul took the Brits and I got the Rebels. I also had a couple of new units (newly painted) hidden in the suitcase.

We tried different sizes of units for example, American line infantry 24 = Large (+2 H2H,+1 Sh, Sta 4), 20 Norm, 16 = Understrength (-1H2H,+-0 Sh, Sta 3), 12 Small (-2H2H,-1 Sh, Sta 2)
8 or less Tiny (H2H1, Sh 1, Sta 1)

which worked just fine…

my American centre attacks (Best idea ever!!)

the Brigadier ushers Militia forward

The red line cannot be thin enough, for my taste

The Grenadiers and the Northumbrian Fusiliers

The Redcoats advance

Smallwoods Line gets hammered by the LI of the Crown 
after  a blunder(!!) my militia attacked the fusiliers, yeah!

.. and survives a round, remarkable!

the attack of my galloper gun gets shot down disgracefully

The Fusiliers anihilated the rest of my centre, I think it was 1:5 units in favour of the crown...


  1. Brave, and beautiful, militia troops! These armies are really nice, great looking pictures...

    1. Thank you Phil! I need more miniatures! (it must be pathological) :)

    2. That's the problem with our hobby!