Friday, 18 December 2015

Much Funken around Liliane shortly after 1758

At the time of the Seven Years War somewhere in the middle of Nordrhein-Westphalen (i.e. nowhere), Angus came up with an meticulously researched occurence around the north German settlements called Liliane und Funken and we embellished the table top accordingly.

On the "Schäl"side (a crypto-rheinlandic diminutive, meaning always the east-side of said river) was His Britannic Majesty's Army led by Bart, adjudantiert by myself and Herr Campbell, where as on the right side the French came along led by anyone of the following Monsieurs: Angus, Tim or Bill. Who in the end, was in charge of the lot I dare not say, as they did not move a lot. All Gentlemen agreed on the terms and conditions of the "Honours of War" by Osprey-hausen.

The objectives where the capture of the villages. Beverages were served and so we were promptly able to advance.

Me and Campbell pressed forward and got a foothold in both settlements successfully. Despite massive Royal shelling of our good Fusileers we took it on the chin, hold out and pressed onwards.
Against our superior Hessian musketry the French invaders were powerless and their lines melted away like bacon in a hot pan. Our plan, we never had, worked just fine.

The rules are quick to learn and quickly you do learn that fire power can harm you – a lot. Never the less a beautiful evening, albeit tactical a bit stiff, we all agreed to intensify our efforts to learn about the Honours of War.

Angus's rap:
Bart#'s rap:
The French centre
The Hessian von Mirbach Brigade captures Liliane

THE Formidable Hessian Grenadiers

Some Brittanic Cavalry that got lost in the garden

Still the French Centre, not much of a difference
View from the top of Funken, The Hessian Jaeger are coming!
His Britannic Majestiy's Army advances 
Liliane is under threat from some French rabble ... 
But the attack is countered and the counter-counter attack is smashed 
The French fire gallantly, all they can do ...
The beautiful cavalry just standing around
Funken and Liliane are finally ours!


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    1. Thank you Rodger! Honours of War has an appeal.

  2. Your tables are always fantastic, love this one!

    1. Thanks, Phil, the table embellishments were most from Angus's collection, I think. Sometimes they are like little kids ordering a pizza, you can't see the base because of all the toppings. :)