Thursday, 3 December 2015

No French Honours of War at Kutzdorf!

We were playing and testing the new rule system "Honours of War" by Keith Flint from Osprey.
I had an overspill of Hessians from my AWI and they stepped in as the Very Britannic Forces of Her Majesty in Germany (or so ...) and Angus put some of his nicely painted Seven Years War French on the table.  And we christened our new club mat!

We decided to call the troops all standard for the sake of ease, and Bart joined on the French side and Campbell on mine the Hannoveranian. We choose to play the second scenario in the book, more or less, the incident at Kutzdorf!

The Britannic Forces were defending the hill (we amalmagated the two in one) and Bart and Angus with the French started the war, err the battle.

The French rapidly advanced, even taking with them their dithering general, and fired a bit. We rolled for two of our Brigadiers dithering! But we were able to return the fire splendidly.

Then the French advanced once more and ... got shot to pieces. We defended the hill gallantly and let the musket do the talking. In the end the French did the inevitable and run. Too late they recognised that with their gun superiority, they should have advanced and barraged us out of our gaiters (ups, yes, they had overalls). Maybe their General really should have been dithering.

Overall we had a lot of fun, the rules are fast, short and brutal,  just as you want them to be. The losses especially, the fire phase, can get your lines to retreat very quickly!!

And I could even warm up to the Seven Years War. Maybe Austrians or Russians? I can't do no Prussians or Hessians no more, no sire!

Oh sweet, nuthin'!

Clearly scenario 2! South of Kutzdorf

The Grenadiers pose as fusiliers with their dithering Brigadier

The French advance!

The Hessians (of His Majesty) counter attack French Light Infantry, which look like coer de bois to me

The central German line is stead fast on the hill

Down the hill, Kutzdorf in Britannic Hands led by another gentleman, who normally plays board games, who's name I forgot, sorry! who joined the fray later.

Fire exchange and melee at the French LI

The Germans pound the French

Point of View from East-Kutzdorf

The French Cavalry at the gates of Kutzdorf

The last steadfast French were actually from somewhere else ...

The French infantry pounded by our guns and in retreat

At last even the cavalry got shot at, mon dieu!


  1. Poor Fenchies! But beautiful...

    1. Ah, nevermind, next renaissance game, the French will pound the Imperials into the dust, I bet. :)