Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Fall of Fort Washington

Greene had promised Washington the forts would be impossible for the British to take. Now after the disaster of White Plains the fort becomes untenable and the next disaster is about to happen.

Bart (as General in command) just took the brigades from Percy and half of Knyphausen and left more than half of the historical army up north. Angus was starring as Percy this time commanding the British lot while Bart took up the Hessian contingent including the Jaegers.

Admiral Howe was giving artillery help and pounding the overcrowded fort from the Hudson into submission. Jim was brave enough to take overall command of the American forces as colonel McGraw. I "helped out" as an unnamed sub-ordinate, but I use that term help very loosely here.

As the said fort was untenable the British just have to reach and claim the southern battlements and the battle would be over, as the Americans would then surrender.

The British main force came from the south (New York) but Bart waited and let all the brigades to be shipped towards the north of the peninsular, the British coming from the east at Kings bridge and the Hessians from the west at the Hudson bank. The Battle pretty much panned out like the historical one -  the American served out some fire, but were unable to destroy one single British unit. After massed counter-attack of the crown forces, the rebel lines stared to crumble and the Hessian jaegers were the first to reach the fort. The American flag was cut off the Fort after turn 7.

There was a window of an opportunity to give the British a harder time, but we missed it. The American cause lost 3 Continental Regiments and five Militia Regiments!!!

Now the Winter campaign has left the historical fundament (as best as it was possible to me) and lift off to what ever outcome it might will take. No offence, but (naturally) it looks bleak for Washington.

The 1st turn (week of October) of the 1776 is over and the Loyalty index is swinging towards the Crown (-1)!!! Next supply rolls will be less plenty for the rebels.

Bart's battle rap:

The status quo of the campaign after the 1st October week

The southern part of the Fort and the initial British deploymen

After turn 3 the British shipped their whole force up north

The first attack of the Hessians cuts a swathe into the American line

Percy presses forward past Kings bridge

The Rebel line is faltering

The British attack the Militia (wavering) ...

... butthe Militia is holding 3 turns effectively the whole battle.

The Rebels lost control of the hill

... still the stubborn Militia holds the ground (Breaking every turn but saving with 10 or more each time)

finally the Militia breaks ad a Continental Army Regt. steps in

... while more Jaegers storm the walls of the fort - the wall is broken

... the last actions on the hill ...

... the American surrender. McGraws brigades will vanish into the bowels of the British prison ships.


  1. What a dangerous hill to climb! Beautiful...and bloody!

    1. Thank you, Phil! That was the two "just" initial battles ... they (club mates) have a complete campaign in front of them! ;)