Sunday, 5 March 2017

Gravelotting around - 10mm style

On 25th of March Angus, Jack and me and some other connoisseurs of the Franco-Prussioan Wars in 10 mm style, will get together on a weekend and enjoy a Fire and Fury ruled bash at the very Gravellote Mars-La-Tour!!!

Well, I already have the 5th Cavalry Division of Rheinbaben with the death ride squadron curassiers (4th and 7th) and the infamous 17th Brunswick Skull Hussars. So I was just natural to opt for the III corps to built. all regiments will have their descriptive on the underside and the rim of the MDF plate will be painted in "green" black board paint, in case I want to play systems that require a lot of tokens (1870) ...

As we agreed to 9 stands a 5 minis per Prussian Infantry  that amounts to a whopping 400+ figures including the artillery chaps and the assorted Corps cavalry ... ouch!

So to set apart from the usual Prussian massed lead wave in blue and grey 400 figures monotony - I decided to go for my grenadier units and Leib- guard or grenadiers in parade uniform!!!

Ah, I can already hear the howling, but I‘m of the league that fields happily tricorne readoats at AWI, just because I like the look! And the French Guard Bearskins were dropped for kepis for example very early in the war, but still everybody fields them as they just look the part. Stupid not to do so.

And the 1st Brandenburg Leib-Grenadiers No. 8 are a perfect excuse to sent them in their parade uniform into the fray - let the "Bloodhounds" at least look good. That said it is a nightmare to get the right Prussian flags (In case of the no.8, I know it was just a white pole that day) or to know what colour the horse hair tuft would have had ... many sources probably all wrong ...

ah, at the end of the day - I might just go with horsehair white ... if that‘s a colour...

The complete III Corps v. Alvensleben, 5th division ready ...

the 4 regiments of the 5th Division from Generalleutnant v. Stülpnagel

Baron v. Buddenbrock has yet to wait on his 6th - but the bases are inscripted and ready 

The Leib Grenadier and the other Grenadier minis are sculpturally added with green stuff feathers

The guns of the attached artillery in the making

on test paint of the 1st Brandenburg Leib-Grenadier Regiment toy soldiers in parade uniform.

more tests

back side

old bearded chap ...

the horse hair hmmm ....


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    1. Thanks for spreading the good news - nice page/blog btw. :)