Monday, 8 January 2018

1813 Dresdowice

For the first game of the year we choose a Napoleonic bash, 28mm, "Over the Hills" the rules, and Bart and Bill played the late and not so great French army and me and Peter as Germans were "aggressively" defending the "valley of the ignorant", a small village at a river crossing, a scenario loosely based on the Battle of Dresden 1813.

The French were less crispy and a bit weakened from the cold (long walk from Moskow, I assume), but outnumbered us in guns and horses. The river was uncrossable (apart from three bridges, one in the middle of the settlement) and the French deployed (after us) in town occupying all BUAs and the complete east side of the river.

We (the Würtenbergers that posed as rebellious Saxons this time) had only the numbers in Infantry, which was rather un-thrilling and unsurprisingly, totally useless, as I was reassured that infantry attacks against BUAs or artillery would end in a bloodbath in these rules particularly. In short while the "aggressive" French were just sitting in their Dresdener Stollwerk (a particular sweet position), we, the Germans, were multiple times urged by the referee to attack more or less the said festive positions, Prost, Mahlzeit!

As the French still refused to move and the time were running out, we did and were comprehensively trashed and beaten. Peter managed to get a "Foot" into one BUA, while two of our regiments were torn apart from canister. A cavalry fight on the left flank left the Germans with an exchange of squadrons and some severely beaten French mules could cross the Elbe at that point. I guess a draw was declared.

Note for the future, I will definitively NOT move in any upcoming Napoleonic game whatsoever! I'd rather sit and wait for the evening until finally the Prussians hopefully will have arrived ...

No Bavarians were involved or injured in this game.

Scenario: Campbell, Figures and minis by Campbell and Bill, Terrain from SESWC.


  1. A great looking game Michael, beautiful troops!

    1. Thank you, Phil! Will tell Campbell and Bill . :)

  2. Looks good, sounds like fun too!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain! I'm a bit sceptic with the ancient rules, that square bashing ... and the rules barbarians are always a bit bland ... but yes it was fun :)