Friday, 8 November 2019

1781 - the World that couldn't hear the shot around ...

... cause it was snowing like hell, or better a blizzard was raging on the battlefield, that you couldn#t see the 18" in front of your 28mm line or even shoot!!

This Thursday we were back at our little AWI, 28mm, Black Powder campaign -  featuring my little scenario card game "Eve of Battle". In this second round Bart (Franco-American) and Peter (Hessian) (seconded by Alisdair) fought against each other with an absolute minimum of troops in an ice cold tundra landscape void of trees and other hills - apart from two farm houses that Bart had drawn on this side, to "make this his personal Hougemont", well strange tactic, but thats what they "pokered" for (Eve of Battle).

The visibility (and therefore the ability to charge and to shoot) was 18", movement was halved, and shooting wasn't allowed at all. Bart started and managed to get a foothold in both houses. while the German mercenaries were trodding through the deep snow-mud, inching their way forward ... and then after the second turn the snow stopped.

Here right at the start were some terrific moments when Bart kept his gun unwarded outside the mansion. But Peter couldn't capitalise on that his dragoons were shot into disorder. In short Peter cautiously advanced and shot the S**** out of Barts Frenchies, but could just not kill the damn gun or dislodge him from the centre hamlet - nearly, but just not yet. Alisdairs wing was formed just behind the low stonewall and giving the French all he could!!!

But then as it seemed that the Allies would be buried under a wooden rubble, Bart retreated "around" the farm house and the whole front line did nearly a face volte. The Hessians/ Peter/Alisdair were out-maneouvered. Further along the battle both parties killed one unit and so we decided to go for an extra turn ... and Barts (Washingtons) 3rd Dragoons were going in for the kill and after Peters Hessian failed their volley, they was slaughter, first a draw but then as the extension came  the Hessians went down. Bart and Peter are leading the chart now - both parties at loggerheads... next  will be Alisdairs Brits vs the local Americans of Mike. After that we will do a 4 party battle, with each brigadier getting cards for Eve of battle and be able to get points ... watch this space!

Battle plan
And initial set up

The Hessians in line

The Franco-American line

The Franco-American line (2)

Bart put the militia in the house ... and forgot them there for the rest of the battle

The Hessians are coming!

First shots around the house

The French Maginot line ... almost
But the German mercenaries have their eyes on the target

in a big sweep they fall in

severe fire fights around the farm

while the other half of the French and the Militia just watch

the air for the American gun is getting hotter by the minute ...

The American dragoons (3rd) are coming!

Then the French "counter sweep" around the house

The battle line has already turned 90 degrees

Still the Hessians cannot move the French ...

everybody is circling to get the best possible shot ...

But no decision ...

The hessians now get  some fire

... and gun shots!!!

Peters last bid to kill the gun

... failed and left him prone ...

... for the last all or nothing attack from the Dragoons, who delivered!

The score


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Michal! It was, we had a lot of fun and it was thrilling till the last minute ... it could have gone easily the other way ...

    2. This is the reason behind the extra turn. Successful charge and 3 point earned. Huzza!

    3. Well, I guess we all learned a lot of this little battle ... as Paul used to say never underestimate the finishing moves ... ;)