Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The lion rampant

We tested the new Osprey rules "Lion Rampant" this week, Jack, David, Bart and me. The figures are wonderfully painted and provided by David and Jack, mostly Claymore castings.

Both sides had a small retinue of foot knights, billmen and bowmen and the "Teutonics" played by David had also some heavy cavalry! The scenario was to hold on to a small hamlet in the middle of the field – and off we go!

First, I made rapid progress with my Commander to enter the village, but then a flank charge of the Teutonic Horse basically swept away my complete left flank. Bart tried a counterattack on the left, but just prolonged our suffering, in the end we lost, the commander and the village.

It is a nice set of rules with a potential for a lot of bloody havoc, as one decimates the forces of your opponent your troops melt away. I liked the fact that single figures were taken off as casualties. We surely haven't  tested all the finesse of the game in depth, but that just leaves room for more medieval tin can opening! A skirmishing game to my gusto.

Taste more blood on the following:



the rest of the German Knights attack my bowmen

The Commander actually...

the Hamlet in our hands

Barts spearmen finishing off the enemy commander

Our flag before it was cut down

The German foot knights counter-counter attack

The Teutonic triumphant

All these knights were killed at he cost of half of our contingent


  1. As always, you show us beautiful armies, and I must say that this village is awesome too! Great post!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, its Davids village, more beautiful painted minis you‘ll find at ... :)

  2. Very nice gaming pictures ! Really glad that you liked the rules, looking forward to see more of your games.

    Best regards Michael

  3. Thanks! And thanks for following. Will have/want to "test" the rules more, but I can see definitively some "Rhineland" mercenaries coming my way sooner than later.