Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Battle of Resaca

„... The Battle of Resaca was part of the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. The battle was waged in both Gordon and Whitfield counties, Georgia, May 13–15, 1864. It ended inconclusively with the Confederate Army retreating. The engagement was fought between the Military Division of the Mississippi (led by Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman) on the side of the Union and the Army of Tennessee (Gen. Joseph E. Johnston) for the Confederates. ...“

My first game (Altar of Freedom) with my newly painted 10mm ACW union Infantry. We refought the Battle of Resaca, I was in charge of the centre of the union, a tough bunch of divisions, but I was given Palmer a hesitant commander, who lacked the much needed activation points to move his units. The rebel positions were behind quickly dug up fortifications on hills and they enjoyed a good and able commander.

The first couple of turns, I made good progress, but then the ‘Palmer‘ character trait came to bear and my units danced back and forth over the river, while being shot at from an enthusiastic Rebel commander, if somewhat unwilling to move. To my left I must witness the retreat of several divisions in the face of the enemy, for "re-deployment purposes". I won‘t disclose the name of the gentleman here, but he rehabilitated himself later by storming the fortified position in front of the bridge to Atlanta, while Rebel reserves were crossing, throwing the whole flank into disarray in doing so. Which was the objective part of the Union's victory condition and so won the battle single handedly, I hesitantly must admit.

The complete battle field after 1st deployment

The Union is advancing

Mr Palmers hesitant lot

on the way to break the centre

slowly over the river (the brown fluffy tie)

despite rebel barrages still in good order

finally went of the river to take the enemy position


  1. Thanks Phil! I think there is room for improvement, but sadly not on my priority list atm due to funds diverted to other stuff ... as I say, when I win the lottery, I will open up a minis paint sweat shop with lots of students, who will do the paint work for me ... ;)

  2. Cheeky Bar Steward. My overnight redeployment worked just fine and set everything up for the charge that won us the game.

    Your Corps did nothing but wander around the place to no great effect. :-)

  3. Grovel in hell, you are the 666th click of the month! I will rename your un-cowardly re-deployment the "hodge"!

    P.S. my corps just followed my hesitancy. ;)