Thursday, 11 September 2014

XII all done! Getty can come!

Yesterday, I finished my 10mms for the 12th for Gettysburg, so I decided to make them smile!

Minis by Pendraken, flags by Jack, corp logo by Heineken, and the terrain dressing and camera by me;

2 seconds into the club I already had the self declared uniform police at my heels - OK, OK,  light blue distinctions - not yellow (moooh me)! I repent and will change this maybe for the next time ... maybe ...
aaand... here some history mfffph for the disaffected:

At the Battle of Gettysburg, the XII Corps distinguished itself by its gallant defense of Culp‘s Hill.
On the afternoon of July 2 the corps was ordered by army commander M. to disengage from Culp‘s Hill and reinforce the Union line on its extreme left flank, near Little Round Top. S. persuaded M. to leave one brigade behind to hold the sensitive-critical position: G.‘s Brigade, of G.‘s Division. While occupying this position on Culp‘s Hill, with an excessively long line to defend and no other troops in support, G. was attacked by E.“ J.‘s Division, but the attack was successfully repulsed by his brigade. G., a civil engineer, had insisted that his men prepare impressive defensive works on the hill. Still, some of J.‘s troops effected, without opposition, a lodgment in the vacated breastworks of the XII Corps, and upon the return of those troops a desperate battle ensued to drive the Confederates out. After a long, hard fight the corps succeeded in re-occupying its works. On no part of the field did the Confederate dead lie thicker than in front of the XII Corps position. J.‘s Division, containing 22 regiments, lost in this particular action...


  1. Great looking pictures, as usual, love your minis, and this hill with the little rocks!

    1. Thanks Phil, I hope on the 21st they will get their first fire with 'Altar of Freedom'! The rocks are shreded left overs from 'Wine tastings'.