Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Smallwoods Regiment

O joy, I'm painting AWI again! I got a couple of regiments on my list: The Blue Hens Chickens (Haslet‘s Delawares), the beautiful New York 3rd regiment and of course ... interpretation of Smallwood‘s Marylanders, which I finished yesterday!!

Figures are from Perry and the deluxe flag is from GMB Designs, which do a very good service and I should mention them more often.

Copied history blurp:
" ...The first company to be organized was recruited in Baltimore, in December, 1774, and was known as the Baltimore Independent Cadets, under Captain Mordecai Gist. They were dressed and equipped as shown in the drawing. This uniform of red faced with buff was also adopted by the other companies formed in Baltimore. The Annapolis companies were not all uniformed as given above, but when the state called for troops, and these companies from both Baltimore and Annapolis were formed into the Maryland regiment under Colonel William Smallwood, the dress adopted for both officers and men was the well known hunting frock of the period, and they were not all required to be of the same color. 

It was in these hunting frocks that they joined the Army at New York in 1776. There is no question but that some of the officers had their scarlet uniforms with them in the campaign of 1776, but it is very doubtful if they were worn in the field..."


  1. Marvellous! Cannot wait until see them in action on the table.

  2. Fantastic paint job, great colors, and amazing faces!!

  3. thanks everyone for the nice comments - sorry for the late/sparse reply, my internetconnection is fucked atm ...