Saturday, 15 November 2014

Haslets chickens

The 1st Delaware Regiment was on my list since I bought the Digby Smith‘s/Kevin Kiley‘s "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the American War of Independence" years ago.

For the "Blue Hen‘s Chickens", I opted for grey trousers instead of the buckskin breeches, primarily just out of aesthetically reasons, really, but also because since Perry‘s got the American Light Infantry out, they came without breeches. I saw it then as an opportunity to 'dremel' myself a nice unit of the "Delaware Blues". So I got rid of the 'sun screens' of the caps and 'sharpened' the tops a bit, fully aware that the original caps were higher and more pointy, but sufficient for my purposes. I still need to order a couple of them, as they formed a large battalion.

The Haslet‘s present a formidable opportunity to give the American player a unit that is a bit better than their normal continental diet. They hold out long enough at Long Island, won some skirmishes before White Plains, hold out long enough to deal out gallantly to the British, that Washington could 'sneak' away. Again at Princeton just shortly after Mr. Haslet failed to dodge the bullet, they rallied the line and saved the day.

(Featuring the (tuned) American Light Infantry models of Perry Miniatures and an extra special request "William Dansey flag" courtesy of the marvelous Flags of War, all on sturdy footing from Warbases.)  Strangely the blue is a bit darker in the original, than in my overexposed pics apparently, must be the radiant Scottish sky. 


  1. Michael, a nice colourful unit indeed. Got to love the Perrys for the amount of great models they're releasing these days.

  2. Thanks John! Yes indeed, to unfair proportions, too many good minis against my, most of the time empty, purse.

  3. Radiant Scottish sky - I must have missed it. Really great looking figures.

  4. Thanks Bill, yep, Scotland has its moments – sometimes. ;)

  5. Beautiful pieces!
    I like the idea of using the hats of light infantry to do the mitres of Haslets.
    I also own the regiment of Delaware, but is with the cocked hat and yellow braid.
    My compliments and the greetings

    1. Thanks Simmy, yes, normally I‘m a tricorne fan, but lately (I'm collecting Hessians more than often) I'm slowly turning ... ;)