Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sneak Preview "La Petite Guerre"

What I sometimes like to do, when I'm not painting ...

I‘m working on a boardgame at the moment which should simulate the aftermath of the New York campaign in the American War of Independence. It is a stand alone, but initially I developed this as a campaign aid for bigger group scenario. Weather, Supply, Movement, Combat, Morale and Command have all their role in this simulation. The British Player needs to capture Washington and or Philadelphia. The American Player tries to counter this. 

Being used as a wargaming campaign scenario, it takes care of the rationale storyline in-between the battles/skirmishers. Thats the plan.  Still cards to be designed ... I think I can be happy, if I got this year the 1st prototype in my hands.

Screenshot of map plus few units and tokens

Front and back of units and tokens

Map and time and some utility regulators

Reference sheet


  1. Looks fabulous so far. Cannot wait to try your game.

  2. Thanks Bart! Yes, the rules are 80% set so far, but I need to test it.