Friday, 5 December 2014

The Three Musketeers are sailing at dawn!

The Landsknechts never marched as the French stayed home and Richelieu went to Florida for a ride!
Still a Renaissance of some sort on the seventh voyage – not on the seven seas, but in a village somewhere in Alsace near Ireland, d‘Atagnan and the three other knew about a Lady in distress who needs to made it over the bridge, what the Cardinal did not want – and so he sent his villains and the show started. Camera on!

Firstly and effortlessly, we slain the Bewlay Brothers and the pike holders. Applause came from the stakeholders, the dice were nice to me and thee reached nearly the river, but then, but then the script changed sour Malkovich took over, Sutherland arrived on the scene, Athos fell, Portas closed its doors and Artemis refused and the old flame of what was his name came together and Yoda shat on my parade.

"And Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot were fighting in the village‘s tower. While Calipso singers laugh at them. And fishermen hold flowers. ... and nobody has to think too much ... About Desolation row."

Yes, you guess, a nice evening!

Marvelous Minis from Paul (the Irish), village and greens from the SESWC, rules by 7th voyage, script by Fortuna and Robert Zimmerman.
Athos is pointing at the Cardinal Enemy 
The Bridge is closed – and behind another Irish Giant

Athos is pointing at the dead 
D‘Artagnan with the Lady in Distress at the Bridge!!!!

But then she was snitched away by evil villains

Next Scene Athos and Aramis are flipping out and start to slaughter

More Villains are coming and dying while the Lady is taken away

Athos frees her! And Pointing! Out of the frame!

Athos dies, Porthos or the other one soon to follow

The second musketeer bites the dust and the rest go home and hit the pub.

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