Saturday, 28 February 2015

Heinrich and Rudi are ready!

... and Erich as well. Well, he came a bit later but that is understandable, as he wrote THE book of the Western front experience.

It's 1918 and the last gamble of that other less pleasant Erich (the Ludendorff) is on. Apparently just the first offensive of the "Kaiserschlacht" had the operation name "Michael", the rest four escaping my 2bit memory right now.

The background of the whole story is, Campbell and Bart lured me into modern warfare!!!! (and of course some other fantastic international, blogs I follow). We will be using the rules of  "Chain of Command", or "Through the Mud and the Blood" or both or any amalgamation we can think of and that serves our purposes. "Grandscale-skirmish-carnage" comes instantly into my mind. We are discussing colouring of clouds and contents of mud puddles as well as the authenticity of evidence for French flamethrowers. In my opinion, just weird photographs of unlucky fire-fighters ... but hey.

The tank in the background comes not in pimp colours, it's just work in progress, 
from Warlords by the way and the figurines are Great War Miniatures.

And of course, more to follow ...


Heinrich on its way home


Rudi's back

and Erich, the intellect with glasses

Erich retreating

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Die Hesse‘ komme'! (again) Garde Grenadiers von Linsingen

Haven't posted for a while, sorry a lot of work and a strained right hand forced a pause upon me.
After some additional Hessian Jäger, I (nearly) finished my Garde Grenadier regiment von Linsingen.
A combined Grenadier units with parts of the 1st and 2nd Hessian Grenadier Garde Regiment as well as the Leib Regiment and the von Mirbach Musketeers Regiment. They fought at Long Island, White Plains, Brandywine, Germantown Fort Mercer and finally Monmouth (amongst others).
I tried to interpret the different units with different small clothes from old watercolours and a yellow might just been a very light buff, but as I said - its my interpretation.

(fr. l. to r.) 1st Garde, Leib, Mirbach and 2nd Garde

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Something is stirring in the shire ...

something old, something sinister ...

Allgemeines Kriegsdepartement, 7. Abteilung, Verkehrswesen

more to follow.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A real Michaelson Bollock

The question is not what, but for how long?

My dwarves painted in "Tarn"- colour using "Alaric-cape"(0815 Nibelungen)

... and another 1mm ACW sniper

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sad news for La Petite Guerre

Before x-mas, I was designing a board game called "La Petite Guerre" to have a campaign-managing device (hey, very modern, called a board game) and also to develop this as a stand alone.

I was producing the prototype with, a company in the US that combines new media forum (geeky game community) with digital print-on-demand.

I have produced a project before with them ("Eve of Battle") and I must say that for card games they seem to be OK.

Sadly they did not deliver. Shortly after x-mas, I received my beautiful game, but with just half of the counters and the rest were off centred. After some posting in the forum, they promised to re-print and re-sent (gracefully), but they did not quite acknowledged the fact that they have serious issues with their positioning of their prints.

Then they re-sent came and 5 out of 17 "slugs" (cardboards with 15 counters on it) were again off centered.

This is it for La Petite Guerre and Gamecrafter, rien ne va plus.

The campaign will go on as planned though, but I won't produce a stand alone.

1st reply after I complained

Old print and Re-print

my reply after reprint

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Leib Regiment Hesse-Kassel

Not Lieb („Nice“) but Leib („Body“ or „Du Corps“ from „Leibgarde“ an old tradition of guards to protect the Colonel, reaching far back into the Renaissance). An elite regiment headed personally by the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, the Leib Regiment arrived at America before Long Island, participated at White Plains, Brandywine and Germantown and later Monmoth.

I also finished Baron von Riedesel on a rather grim vignette, obviously ignorant to the plight of his troops – an entirely creative assumption not based on any research at all. Talking of which I might try to find Rodney Atwood „the Hessians“ ...