Saturday, 28 February 2015

Heinrich and Rudi are ready!

... and Erich as well. Well, he came a bit later but that is understandable, as he wrote THE book of the Western front experience.

It's 1918 and the last gamble of that other less pleasant Erich (the Ludendorff) is on. Apparently just the first offensive of the "Kaiserschlacht" had the operation name "Michael", the rest four escaping my 2bit memory right now.

The background of the whole story is, Campbell and Bart lured me into modern warfare!!!! (and of course some other fantastic international, blogs I follow). We will be using the rules of  "Chain of Command", or "Through the Mud and the Blood" or both or any amalgamation we can think of and that serves our purposes. "Grandscale-skirmish-carnage" comes instantly into my mind. We are discussing colouring of clouds and contents of mud puddles as well as the authenticity of evidence for French flamethrowers. In my opinion, just weird photographs of unlucky fire-fighters ... but hey.

The tank in the background comes not in pimp colours, it's just work in progress, 
from Warlords by the way and the figurines are Great War Miniatures.

And of course, more to follow ...


Heinrich on its way home


Rudi's back

and Erich, the intellect with glasses

Erich retreating


  1. They look great, nice job Michael!

  2. Thanks Phil, will try to keep up the good work. Re-inforcements are badly needed, I'm outnumbered in the club. :)