Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sad news for La Petite Guerre

Before x-mas, I was designing a board game called "La Petite Guerre" to have a campaign-managing device (hey, very modern, called a board game) and also to develop this as a stand alone.

I was producing the prototype with, a company in the US that combines new media forum (geeky game community) with digital print-on-demand.

I have produced a project before with them ("Eve of Battle") and I must say that for card games they seem to be OK.

Sadly they did not deliver. Shortly after x-mas, I received my beautiful game, but with just half of the counters and the rest were off centred. After some posting in the forum, they promised to re-print and re-sent (gracefully), but they did not quite acknowledged the fact that they have serious issues with their positioning of their prints.

Then they re-sent came and 5 out of 17 "slugs" (cardboards with 15 counters on it) were again off centered.

This is it for La Petite Guerre and Gamecrafter, rien ne va plus.

The campaign will go on as planned though, but I won't produce a stand alone.

1st reply after I complained

Old print and Re-print

my reply after reprint


  1. ah man that blows... cant you try get them 3d printed locally, then you control size and shape as well as add a new dimension to the flags in the form of textured chits? just an idea,,, Yo!

    1. Nice idea, but too expensive and I do not want to organise the distribution. But Thanks though.