Sunday, 7 June 2015

Some assorted Madness ...

I normally don't do work-in-progress-posts, but this time I felt the need for some visual evidence that I make progress, to motivate myself. (all self therapy).

Bart gave me some wooden boxes and I prepared them, to keep the army token on-map and hidden from the prying eyes of the opponents in the campaign. I also printed the map as posters, to glue them on a message board.

I finished the 3rd part of the 3rd Hessian combined Grenadier Regiment von Minigerode and started the typical Hessian bed linen overalls for the von Lossbergs of the 3rd. I also prepared the 49th foot for  conveyer belt painting.

Next in line will be the "Schwarze Bande", which is basically the North-German part of the "Bande Nero" of the French-Italian wars, also (waiting) a small unit of German Reiters, early version with boar spears, continuing the Swiss Perry plastic metal project aaand maybe filling up some AWI American regiments.

I know.

the campaign map and the token boxes

the boxes on the inside to hold the tokens

part of my Hessians

front row the 3rd Gren. Regt . v. Minigerode

the von Lossberg Hessian Grenadier got their trousers

The 49th prepared for "red"

the "Schwarze Bande", I will hopefully have time for while the campaign is on.

The Reiters and some "Swiss"

Rest of AWIs and German troopers for the 1918 games ...