Sunday, 14 June 2015

Start of the 1776 Winter Campaign!!!

New York has fallen, the Rebels are on retreat. Colonel McGraw is isolated on Fort Washington and The British Army under General Howe is following fast. Washington has withdrawn to some fortified positions around White Plains and is taunting Howe, battle is imminent.

The British can only control the Hudson and cut off Washington retreat if their ships can pass the forts (Lee and Washington) which are in the hands of the Rebels now. Howe decided to give Washington a battle first.

Some of the friends of the SESWC have agreed to commit to an AWI Black Powder campaign with me that has been long in waiting (my fault entirely).

The next steps will be the briefing of the Mayor-Generals / Brigadier-Generals and finding a suitable sunday game slot in the club.

The Campaign will start with the battle of the White plains or better the part of combat on Chatterton Hill as the rest was stuck in some stalemate before and behind the fortifications. Howe didn't want to risk a second Bunker Hill...

The British took New York and push further

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