Friday, 8 January 2016

The Prussian Reverse around 1759 the beginning of Carnival

We agreed to play Seven Years War with the help of Honours of War, as the first game of the year!

Angus and Donald kindly provided (and played) some Rhineland soldiers fighting for  the Archbishop and some Bavarians and Austrians and all sort of Kleinstaat-Kluterei. Dave Imrie bailed out because of a man flue and so I had to bring just gabbions as the Reichsarmee needed a bit of a bolster against all those Prussians, provided and played by Jack, Bill and Brian.

We were still "learning" the rules as the overaged Prussian command seem to drag along with the movement. I had a little fun with the left flank, but soon the superior Prussian guns pounded TWO regiments away (in one round!!!).

In the Centre the advance was steady but just got halted by our fierce "inferior" gun fighting. On the right flank, I didn't pay attention, what Derek took so long, but he thwarted the Prussian attack there the main thing. Then towards the end Jack tried his version of cavalry warfare, tip toeing next to the woods and then getting counter charged and beaten. And it was just due to my superior strategic delay tactics and that I rolled better than him with my inferior cavalry (In the Rhineland we usually eat horses nevermind riding them!) against his Prussian Death Hussars. Hah! Take that!

Every Prussian should know, never mess with the Rhinelanders, or else we invent carnival or cavalcade you to death.

In the end the Prussians couldn't really find their footing and proceeded their single and uncoordinated attacks, which we dealt with each individually. The initial development wasn't inspiring and the whole conduct of the opposite generals was very un-prussian and non-frederizian.
Hey, but thats how we Rhinelanders can manage to win and proceed with the drinking! ;)

The enemy line

Cavalry attack and counter charge

The initial deployment (more or less)

The Reichsarmee gun battery.

... even turns later in my sector the enemy did not avdance very quickly

Jack sents his Cavalry in

the Attack of the mid-field is in full swing

The clash of the Horse!

Finally the Prussians are coming!

The Mainzer Battery

...what was left of the Prussian Cavalry attack

The rest!


  1. Splendid troops for the first game of the year!

    1. Thank you Phil! Angus, Bill, Jack and Jim (and Dave, I believe) are the proud owners / contributers to that splendid collection.

  2. Angus and Donald provided the Reichsarmee. Brian and I supplied the Prussians.

  3. ... Brian .. I can never remember his name ... apologizes!