Saturday, 23 January 2016

1870 - Mars macht mobil, bei Arbeit, Sport und Spiel!

Aah, I had this a long time coming! I always wanted a new project for 2016, with more gallant, but useless cavalry charges, splendid uniforms, grandeur scenarios, but still black powder era somehow ... so I inspired (or better infected), some club mates with the idea of 10mm 1870 - Franco Prussian War!

Now I know that this is a bit like lottery, the chances that all have their little armies ready at the same time, but then this is more of a longer personal project. Always wanted to paint Pickelhauben! Soon many chimed in and trumpeted which army/corps they are going to paint (just like on a farmers cow market) ordering lead in in the kilos. 

I decided not to hurry and to go for the Prussian Cavalry. A beauty to look at, and what better division to go for that the 5th Rheinbaben – the Death ride chaps!

Its still not finished, the famous Brunswicker Skull Hussars and the big man himself v. Rheinbaben, the cornflower blue Dragoons and the Artillery limber are missing/in the making. 

Maybe I‘ll go for the complete 2nd Army, that way I get to paint the Garde division. I don't care if they didn't fight in their parade uniforms, if their is a chance to field beautiful uniforms, one has to grab it! ....

I have not a clue what French counterpart / army I should take on as well ...

Any suggestions?

1 stand, Gen. Leut. Baron v. Rheinbaben 5th Div: – still to be done!

Gen. Major v. Barby, 11th Cav Brig:
2 stands, Westphalian Cuirassier Reg, No 4 – Done!
2 stands, 1st Hanoverian Uhlan Reg, No 13 – Done!
2 stands, Oldenburg Dragoon RegNo 19 – still to be done!

Gen. Major v. Bredow, 12th Cav Brig :
2 stands, Magdeburg Cuirassier Reg, No 7 – Done!
2 stands, Altmark Uhlan RegNo 16 – Done!
2 stands, Schleswig-Holstein Dragoon RegNo 13 – still to be done!

Gen. Major v. Redern, 13th Cav Brig:
2 stands, Magdeburg Hussar RegNo 10 – Done!
2 stands, 2nd Westphalian Hussar Reg,  No 11 – Done!
2 stands, Brunswick Hussar Reg,  No 17 – still to be done!

2 stands, Attached Horse Artillery, 5th Div – WIP!

P.S. sorry for the static grass mess, they are all fresh from the paint block!


  1. They are even better in the flesh.

    1. Thank you, Jack for the compliment! I know, I‘m a crappy photographer. ;) Can't wait to see your 10mm FPWs!

  2. Tiny tin soldiers ;) Looks very nice!

    1. And now the shock ... I'm thinking of getting even tinier ... :)