Friday, 16 September 2016

The miracle of Rikert's estate around 1012

Medievistica can be a bitch sometimes ...

Ritzebüttel (the estate of Rikert) was probably just heap of dung at that time (mentioned first in 1325 AD), as well as the Otterndorfer counts were just a wet dream of an up coming farmer ... and for many other reasons we can sent the saga of the Orkney vikings in Bremen into the land of fairy tales.

The reality was that, as connoissseurs of the "Gesta Hammaburgensis" probably know, the Askomannen (as the locals charmingly dubbed the vikings) that dared into these lands, received a very different greeting from lets say other islands or coasts. At the battle of Glindesmoor, for example, they were "slain to the last man". And even a Sven Estridsson was imprisoned by these folks once (before he would be king of Danemark).

So me and Angus just aired some of our Dark Age miniatures (mine even half-finished) to freshen up our rusty Saga wisdom and have a go at each other. So maybe more an Danish Eric against an old Billunger count ...

The skirmish was successful and interpretable, but I think I lost in the end, if not the complete overview of the battle, so I won't distress with details and just shine some light into the joyful event of that dark period.

For the more delectarii please see Angus's "report": )

Funny blokes in funny hats came over the see ...

Yes, flags missing ...

and even the basing  ...
and just 6 crossbowmen ...
and just 6 Miletes ...

And even my warlord wasn't ... just a normal foot soldier figure ...


  1. Great stuff Michael, splendid photos and figures...and drinks!

    1. Thank you Phil! Yes, in the lack of mead, we fell back on ale and lager to get into a dark age mood ... sort of ... :)

  2. Hello Michael, are you Michael Schneider?

    If so, I'd like to pick your brains about Pike and Shotte for the Italian Wars. If you could drop me an email at I'd appreciate it very much. I know a few guys from the Edinburgh club including Angus, Bill and Colin through my LOGW connection - and they seem to think me semi-respectable, I think.

    Best Regards,

    James Roach

    1. Hi James, I will. And yes, we both seem to be there in very good company. ;)

  3. Nice looking figures and fun looking game!
    Best Iain