Thursday, 22 September 2016

In Ulm, and near Ulm and around Ulm "herum" ... 1805

Ooops Napoleonics ... I'd rather be a Hippie! They all look the same to me anyway, it might be my personal prosopagnosia ... hey, just shakos isn't it?

Bill and Angus and Bart and Campbell had fished out some river-crossing scenario of the great late Grant (Cary???...) and the Swabian Würtembergers had to cross a river to beat the Austrians (Ulm Campaign) ... there are worse things you have to do in a wargamers life, but Austrians? I can't recollect more a than a handful of victories within 500 years for the lower lip worshippers, but wargaming would be half as fun without them, I have to give you that.

So I opted for the role of the "Kriegsberichterstatter" and just shot the pics ... to be downloaded at wish ...

The excellently painted figures were done by Master Campbell and Bill the Great!!!



  1. Oh come on now, don't be too hard on the Austrians, stoic and badly led, I've got a pile to paint for 1809,lovely looking Bavarians by the way.
    Best Iain

  2. Thanks Iain, all Campbells Würtembergers. And no, one can never be too harsh with them. ;)

  3. Looks intense and beautiful, love the pictures with the Bavarians in the foreground...

    1. Thanks Phil, I will let Campbell know. :)

    2. All Wurtemburgers with no Bavarians present at the action. Good game though my Austrians took heavier losses. 4 battalions lost out of 10.

    3. Yes, Its all my saying - a good game without any Bavarians, just as it should be. ;)