Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Guns of August

Hello, my dear friends, further down the year, I announced the mad idea to re-play the First World War - complete. As war-gamers we are especially prone to mad ideas, so here it comes.

As a teenager I was a fan of the famous, now sadly out-of-print, board game from Avalon Hill. And recently in a defying act of personal psychological regression, I had the idea to transfer that game onto the bigger table top. As I have no intention to resell or infringe any copyrights, this is just a personal customisation of an already acquired game I love and a single run in the club with dear friends to refight the fights within the centennial.

The figure size will be 6mm and the boards are 8x6 foot! I said it to be complete, but here again I can now swallow my own words ... the rules of GOA have spawned over the 80ies and Yes, theoretically it would be possible, BUT as I intend to do this in short episodes in club nights (2-3 hours incl deployment and takeing pics of status quo and mopping up), I decide to concentrate on Europe, sea and land (and air). I know, I already hear moans of middle east enthusiasts or what about the colonies ... or Japan ...
well sorry for that -  I want to finish this game within a year.

This week the mats arrived and I had to do some pics ...
The reception in the club was very friendly and I already have more volunteers that I need.

I have done the German army approx. 75% the French the same (75%) , The British is done (haha, very difficult) so still a long way to go maybe 3 months or so, inbetween, I'd like to do some test games - be patient good things will come out of it.

The Western front with the few units I have managed to finish yet ...
The complete BEF looking at the continent 
The Huns before Liege
Ah, the French need a little bit more to defend that hill ...
Show off at the Western front incl. unfinished sabbots and French with still white heads ...
The two tables, East front and West front ...
The to come eastern front


  1. Great idea. Can not wait till I will lead to I.R. of A-H army to its destiny!

    1. Thanks Bart, but first I have to paint them ... :)

  2. Wow that's an impressive mat, good luck but you seem to have it all in hand!
    Best Iain

  3. Thanks, Iain! Yeah, just a "couple" of miniatures left. ;)