Thursday, 20 October 2016

Around 900 between Paris and the Lorraine

Bart wanted to get his Normans out and me willing to give my Ottonian rump army a litlle airing, we decided to give Hail Caesar a go, as we both never played it before.
Me as a Norman Warlord or maybe, Karl the bald, with a little help of some Vikings (all Bart's) and Bart as the Lotharingian Emperor with Normans only ... about some feud involving goats, but I forgot the exact terms and conditions ...

We both deployed fairly simple on some hills in a river valley flanked by swamps - so the only way was forward. The rivulets was just a 3" obstacle, nothing too weird for the 1st HC.
First I stood my ground and was determined to defend my hill while Bart would traverse the river. But then he rolled badly and half of his forces were on the wrong side of the water - that was when I decided to follow me order my Norman Warlord with my one and only heavy cavalry to skewer up the lonely archers on my side of the Seine! But Bart's orange dice magic saved them through the day, they fell back and my knights and Warlord were counter attacked by Lotharingian Heavy cavalry - Ouch!

But still God was on our side and my Lord survived and rode back to the renew the attack with my heavy foot! Meanwhile Bart's lousy levies were stumbling downhill towards the river and being attacked by my foot knights! Helterskelter began ...

That was when Barts cavalry decided to charge the Viking Division ... the clashed, they bled, but they stood their ground. Also just because we "interpreted" the break rules a bit softly - so Bill came along and clarified the situation, which led to a bloody demise of the Lotharingian cavalry. All dead horses.

After that Bart tried and all out, last assault with his levies and remaining knights of foot, but to no avail. He lost a battle and some goats.

Pardonne moi, some vikings must have changed my camera configurations and some of the images are a bit blurry ...

My royal guard
Barts Levy Haufen 
Barts incredible soft Norman cavalry (maybe plastic???)
My Iron guard with their little metal spears 
The position of the two armies
My Warlord attacks the archers
... and get counter attacked (disordered with a rum cask)
Barts cavalry attacks my vikings
... but they stood their ground!
Over the river!!
The united Vikings finish off all cavalry
The victorious French!!


  1. Hurrah for the victorious French! Beautiful figures as always...

    1. Thank you, Phil! With a bit of Piccon and a Leffe, we defended the French heartland!

  2. Support, support and once more time support! I need to remember that. Thanks for the game, we need to repeat it some day!

    1. Well, indeed - I like the fact that one can even break the toughest units with enough support and good dice ... your orange dice is definitively not Norman!

  3. Good looking game, got hc, haven't got around to giving it a go yet.
    Best Iain

    1. Yep, thank you, Iain! Give it a go, its better that we thought it would be ... :)