Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Battles announced!!

Novara-Bling!, June 6th 1513

This time we fit the Venetians with the Swiss, because we can, and give each player a pike block with a bit of some appendices.
Theoretically, they should move faster now and easier play together in true renaissance style ... but we will see for real on the 17th of November with a little help of Pike& Shotte.

Newark-ice-cold!, Nov III week, 1776

And then we finally have a battle on the 1776 Winter Campaign!! Yes, Jack (as Washington) lost his temper and turned back to the British to attack! He did so successfully, that he outnumbers the British 3:1. It his Trenton, but just in Newark and with Gen. Howe instead of Col. Rall - Ouch!
But as the Chinese saying goes, if its dark, it can be colder than outside ... but true wisdom will be revealed at the 10th of November using our Black Powder binoculars.


  1. Your Novara oob looks interesting and I might well pinch it once I've based my figures, I can't remember but was Novara the one with the battle carts? Wheels, spiky bits and guns? I don't think they worked anyway just nice renaissance fluff!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain. Be my guest, pinch what you need. The oob is definitively fluffed up a bit, to accommodate that lot of players. Not so sure about the carts, the French ended up defending their camp, but I might be wrong, but I will now think about incorporating carts, haha!. :)