Sunday, 9 October 2016

Dem Basel-isk, dem schad' die Sonne nix!

I instructed my wife to shoot some historical relevant renaissance pics, while on an anthroposophical conference in good old Basel in Switzerland! Here are some impressions ...

Dear, Deerhounds, ...

Nice guns all left by Charles the Bold at the fields of Nancy ...

Nicer guns

Some gun models and crossbows ... and globes ...

The Studded leather armour

More pistols and

A fashionable Landsknecht 
... and another one with marvellous slashings

A Nice Captain showing off his Milanese armour

The Guilds of Basel

The Wall of the City of Basel

One of its towers...


  1. Beautiful stained glasses!

    1. Yep, more so an inspiration for my next landsknechts regiment..