Friday, 10 February 2017

The incursion of the Norman-Viking hordes into Wild Eastphalia shortly after 893

The Lord was not with us that day! Firstly, he turned my black magic box made by nikon blind (batteries were empty, so forgive me, as I have to rely on images shot by opponents and by-standers) and then we were overrun by Bart‘s bearded masses!!

Bart and myself, we had a little bashing with our Viking-Norman-East-Franconian-Ottonian hordes, and I use hordes here only to describe Barts army of Vikings and Normans ... my Ottonians still lack men power! We had a re-run of the Hail Caesar rules ... still learning ... still learning ...

So in a few words:

I crushed his medium cavalry and slew the rest of his riders and exhausted my knights on his Viking elite. Barts‘s counter attack of his last riders ended badly and killed his main man. Then I tried to stem the viking foot wave with and all out attack ... but it was not to be ... at least not my heavy foot knights. None of my feudal retinue were following, so the last ditch-before-10-O‘clock-attack bounced off the Viking wall like a ping pong ball thrown by an asthmatic hamster. The inevitable was here.

Even the prayers of my dirty priest-monk were in vain! Bei Belphegor, I should throw the HRE into paganism again!!! ... but then what would be the world of wargaming without proper curses ...

Bart‘s review:

Disclaimer: No god(s) or other other-worldy entities or creator(s) of all masterplans or universes were hurt or dispelled during or in the process of this review of the former events.

The clash of the Dark Age lords ...
Action on the bridge, behind the flag the monk is hiding ...
Attack and counter attack clash!
In the meantime on the other side of the river ...
The Ottonian Cavalry is charging ...
The situation befor the last all out attack ...
The knights of Swabia and Mainz 
... and their last charge against the Viking elite 
The situation at the beginning ...


  1. Splendid units and battlefield Michael!

    1. Thanks Phil, they are only not enough! ... too few ... as always...

  2. That is a really nice looking game, looks like lots of fun.

    1. Thank you! We are only at the beginning ...

  3. It was good game and this time my monk was stronger than yours ;) I like those expression about the asthmatic hamster. You cannot said it better :D

    1. Indeed it was, but the next time I will bring a bishop!!