Saturday, 4 February 2017

Work in progress

You know those times when they just seem to play the games you never really fully fancied at your club, and the fact that some old grumpits are moaning about finishing figures ... and the weather and politics are not getting any better either ... this is time to indulge in some painting, a cup of tea, some electronically distorted guitar music, a daylight lamp, brushes, a razor blade and acryllic paint pots ... hmmm!

So here we are ... some more 10mm Prussians I did more Infantry just to get into the groove. The research for the flags though is a pain in the posterior, to be honest. Looking fwd for the older regiments as they just had the bare poles ...  The corps leader v. Alvensleben get two ACs, the division leaders just one.

Then I just bought some figures from Drabant minis, and I must say, what beauties they are nicely sculpted ... they are obviously a bit bigger than the Perry‘s, but hey to throw some variety into the mix. Then I upgraded my Ottonian mob with some milites from Perry and Gripping Beast. And indulged myself with some early old fashioned self painted heraldry.

At last the naval race is at its end! On the 1/6000 for the Guns of August game I finished the Royal Navy and the Highsea Fleet. Obviously such numbers, in the game a squadron a piece, will only achieved, if both governments have the luxury to spent their entire budget on naval expansion ...

Baron von Buddenbrock, Generalleutnant von Stülpnagel and Generalleutnant Constantin von Alvensleben
8th Brandenburg Infantry regiment, No. 64 minus a stand 
Some more Artillery ...
The corps general and the 5th Cav. Div. with the black skull Hussars in the back 
Drabant miniatures, Norman archers and crossbow men

The Drabant giants next to a Perry priest
Some generic Ottonian milites

The ancestors of the Saxon, Henry the Lion

The lower Swabian / Palatine  milites
Some more...
The duke of Westphalia and the banner of the city of Mainz
The German High sea Fleet Pre-dreadnaughts

The Royal Navy and the German HSF 
Some action at Calais ...
Hunting the huns ...


  1. Very nice additions to your collection. Those Drabant figures looks very nice. Cannot wait to see them on the field. And you have a priest too!

    1. Thanks, Bart! You will see them, when they beat your Vikings. :)
      The priest was necessary to underline the Holy-Roman-Empireness of my forces, haha!

  2. Well done that man. Now get on with the rest of the FPW stuff.

    1. Of course, I will set up immediately the next 5-years plan!

  3. Nice mini prussians and smaller battleships but the mediaeval stuff is great with fab heraldry!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, and here is still more to come :) ...