Monday, 23 April 2018

Something completely different ...!!!

Holla die Waldfee! Blessings to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service! We had a fire in our house, downstairs neighbours (basement) washing machine decided to go bust up in flames ... black and white smoke ...
I just did came back walking the dogs, when I saw the guy(from my kitchen window) in the yellow helmets outside ...  and then the doorbell rang  ... grabbed my wife the dogs and the keys and went out ... post-evacuation spent wisely in the pub getting to know the neighbours ...

Thats my 3rd time getting out of a house on fire! Thank you up there, my ancestors or who ever watches over me!

Now I'm getting myself a glass of red ... phew!

... packing in after they did their amazing work!!!


  1. Comes in threes,your probably alright now, hopping nothing damaged,no one harmed?
    Best Iain

    1. Apart from the dirt and dust in the staircase ... nobody was harmed ... Thanks to the gods!