Sunday, 12 July 2015

What I‘ve been up to lately ...

As I finished the White Plains contingent, and the start of the AWI Campaign being post-poned due to holidays and other world shattering events (one of them the fiscal situation of an here unnamed South European Country) ...

I painted a Hackbutt (a 'Germanesque' from the word 'Arquebusier'), as one can see, a very big 'arquebusier'. I think everybody should have one, I always wanted to have one, 'Hack' in German has also the meaning of minced (as in minced meat), which could be an unspoken promise of the derrières of the fleeing enemies.

I also "test-painted" a stand for my upcoming Bande Nero, or as I envisioned them with a huge part/contingent coming from the "Schwarze Bande" from North Germany.

I also bought from Foundry and Perry and Renderra, some tents and camp utilities etc.; the upcoming AWI campaign will include some baggage trains scenarios and also for my Renaissance army, as I‘ve been continuously accused of hiding my Feldschlangen and artillery behind some 'Lager' walls, I took this now literally. (OK, Guiness is not lager, but the brand is easy to paint).

I also have some pack mulies , a 4-wheeler cart and some Landsknechts gambling and other colourful minis left to paint (including a powder monkey, hey!). As the baggage has to be used in both era's, I don't take the 'historical' soo0 seriously this time.



  1. Great stuff. The only problem is that the green beer company was founded in 1864... However that could be some beer lovers, time travellers ;)

    1. I'm sure there was some ancestors of that family that went with the Hessians to America ... No? ... and Guiness was very popular with the Borgias, I read.