Saturday, 19 March 2016

Catholic Renaissance

This time under the catholic motto of shame! Presented by your repentant sinner clad in rags and ashes:

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to join a battle with Bart‘s 15mm forces of the late Polish Renaissance using the rules Fire & Sword. The set up was Polish Parliamentarians against Royalists, but there my political understanding of the period ends. The same goes with my understanding of the rules, and that‘s why Bart gave me the "German" infantry mercenaries in the centre of the stormy battle, I had to stand still and watch the giants battle!

Angus, Bart and me were on the freedom loving parliamentarian side, while Peter, Sandy and Paul (to my infinite shame, I forgot the name of that particular club mate) played the Polish Royalists.

To the right Angus got some sort of (Light) Cavalry but just to stand still, (pleading as well rule ignorance - guilty!) and to "take the onslaught of the enemy on the chin", as a denied flank somehow, but more in denial, I guess.

Well and the rest of the glorious Parlamentarian Winged Hussars were charging on the left (Bart‘s) flank in a classic Frederizian (is that a word?) move, Huzzah! It looked glorious, but was in vain. Somehow they managed to beat us, and I don't even know how, as I didn't payed shamefully not enough attention. The little I managed to work out was, the the rules are worth exploring, which makes it even more shameful.

Then as Angus showed a book about Marginano (an Italian one), I discovered that the Duke of Milano‘s coat of arms was depicted with a solid blue snake, and true to my evening form, I boasted that this was nonsense, as it should be green, because I had painted my command figure with a green snake on the shirt – just to find out the shameful truth, later at home in the internetz, that I was wrong!! Ahh, again shame, Oh Shame, how deep can I fall! I went straight to work and corrected my command stand.

As a repentance I have attached more Work-In-Progress of my Renaissance 28mm...

Please forgive me.

Angus flank gets an counter attack!
...and he counter-counter attacked
while on Bart's side the pennants are flying!
Angus force a the start of the battle 
again counter attack!
... but more enemies are coming!!!
.. while Bart‘s attack get stuck somehow, what a shame!!!
The picture of the start of the battle, shamefully placed in the middle!
Sandy gets reinforcements after his infamous "Wuertemberger" complaining ...
... but didn't achieved anything, what a shame!!!
The Holy Trinity of my gaming Landsknechts! 
and another French Gendarmes d‘Ordonnance
... to fill up the French 2 units, I got.
another generic French gendarme
... and another one ...
aaand introducing the Duke of Milan in blue now ...
... manhandled a bit by a Swiss
and at last some more westernised Stradioti!


  1. That would be NEIL on the royalist side not Paul.

    1. Aha, good, thanks, Neil it is then. ;)

  2. Nice gendarmes and stradiots and Duke of Milan, it's ok you just have to say mea culpa and you'll be fine looks like it was a colourful battle
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain! I did the mea culpa in form of punishing my purse and ordering of some more lead. Otherwise I consider myself more of a "Recovering Catholic". :)

  3. It was great game Michael, but a little chaotic at the end. To much figures, but who can be blamed? When you have army done, you want it on the table ASAP. I promise more games with that rules in the future.
    I love your new figures for Italian frontline. Especially Gendarmes. I love charging Gendarmes ;)

    1. I‘m looking forward to that! And no there will be never too much minis only too small tables!