Friday, 26 May 2017

The Battle at bended creek around 1863

This week me and Bart dabbled into the American Civil War, 10mm and Black Powder. I had some Union infantry corps (actually the 12th) left from some Gettysburg project years ago that died a death due to neglect and inertia. Sandy lent us gracefully his Rebels and Union 10mm (infantry and cavalry), and the BP scenario (in the rulebook) gave us all the stats we needed - we just switched the inches to Centimeters ...

The scenario that I came up with in an instant was that an outnumbered Union Corps with an overly strong Cavalry division, had to cross a broad ford at a creek and prevent that an upcoming Rebel force (2:1) but with half the Cavalry reached the other side of the table. I asked Bart and he choose the Union.

The Union cavalry attacked early to give their troops time to cross and deploy, but we soon learned that Cavalry attacks were not a well thought through thing in that era and my volleys sent Bart‘s beloved riders bleeding home. Then his complete corps was stuck in transfer in mid river.

Well the Rebels were formed up on a hill and had a formidable position to meet the onslaught perfectly. That was when I fell also to a typical misconception of these days, that an all out infantry without previous fire support "carry the day" just like in the old days (Napoleon??) ... perhaps not even in those.
I let my complete front attack, yes, I had some "softening-up" successes, but Bart's brutal closing fire set regiment after regiment of my stout Southerners to hell. In the end, we had roughly an equilibrium of shaken and bloodied troops on the field, but my guns and left flank was open like a gaping carp‘s mouth on dry land. My gamble for victory died a blood-soaked and prolonged death.

Never the less it was tremendously enjoyable game, maybe or better because of the simplicity of the rules, we kept the "useful rules" to a minimum. Good to see that even then the basics of the system kept the feeling of the era, including the movement of bigger contingents just felt right, and yes including blunders. BP recommendable in 10mm for bigger battles as well.

Our photographer were at the scene of carnage, so let us formulate these wise words of wisdom: blessed souls of a lighter nervous constitution might find the following reportage disturbing - you have been warned...


  1. Bloody, isn't it? And lovely, great looking armies...

    1. Thank you Phil! Amazing how it directly got the right feel to the era.

  2. That was great game, despite my initial issues and I am seriously thinking about some 10mm ACW contingent to paint. First, I was thinking about 28mm, but 10mm seems to be better fun.

  3. Totally agree! I think the fun was the exploring of the "bigger picture" of a battle, that what we seldom get from the 28mm BP games. And 10mm ACW are ridiculously easy to paint!

  4. Great looking game, I can't leave 28mm, I have enough difficulties seeing them!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! I need to think of space where to put my minis ... so I‘ll go smaller ...

  5. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    As always, comments are appreciated

    Take care