Thursday, 17 August 2017

It was like a tango with lions, but drunk at a bar ... We played Seven Years War, Peter and Campbell the French and me, Michael and Michael the Holy Roman allies (Hessians, Hannoveranians and Horses), but I cannot exactly tell which of the three Michaels I actually was. The rules we "used" were General de Brigade, but could be infused with a lot of "die Kriegskunst" or other radioactive cake, as Angus played the francophile umpire.

We the HHH could deploy at the crossroads, while the French came on in marching order. The objective said crossroads. Therefore the French got double the units and some veteran units, which was fair enough as Campbell normally dices count for nothing.

So ... a lot of "friction", we all felt like Austrians. But then the "Horse Michael "moved demanded all ADC dice and the artillery support to beat the French Horse, well why not... which he nearly did in the end. The centre Hannoveranians were just static and Michael (the Hannoveranian) just gave a good fight and barrage to all what was grey uniformed and moving.

Me the, Hessian Michael, was most of the time hessitant (cough ...) and got hit hard, but not destroyed.  I don't know how but the French loving umpire declared a French victory in the end ...  how the hell did that happened?

Miniatures and absolutely fairly balanced scenario by Angus. I know now why the war took seven years ...

some Edinburgh Regt as Hannoveranians

The French ... just too much!

the initial deployment with Horse Michael showing the dircection of the attack
The French slugg forward

and we fire back!

The French don't move

their artillery unguarded in the middle ...
Add And we took the hits ...
The Brits are off into the woods ...

more French moving ... 
Our centre from the French point of view .. our CinC texting for advice ...
and then the clash of cavalry!!!
but it didn‘t went well for the Royal Maison ... 
the French gaining ground

but the Horse is in retreat ... 
my Hessians just take it ...
But then a whisper went around the French Horse something about free wine ... 
... and more to come ... 
more sluggish slaughter
but the totally ordinarily and common Leib Regiment just took it ...
the clash in the centre 
back and forth
and then the recuperating French cavalry slaughtered ours and that was it. La Fine.


  1. The clash in the center is impressive and this report!

    1. Thank you, Phil! It was as beautifully as inevitable, but still a jolly good game.

    2. Thank you, Phil! It was as beautifully as inevitable, but still a jolly good game.

  2. Lovely looking game, you can't just keep on blaming the ref!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain! Oh, yes, I can! I regard this as my utmost (...please insert reasonable adjective ...) duty to do so, I know where he parks his car!