Saturday, 11 November 2017

1758 – Et wor in Künigswinta, net dafür en‘ net dahinter!

To introduce you all to my lovely hometown Ripuarian dialect (from ripa, lat. = the shore of the river):
"It was in Königswinter, not before or not behind!" – Angus and Peter played the brave Rhineland defenders (Colognians and Mainzeraner, all Angus' figures) under French pay, waiting for the river fleet to rescue them in a small town in the county, to be the overtly picturesque pensioners city called "Königswinter" (Kings winter). If you want to look for it, a couple of miles down was the famous Remagen bridge!

While me and Bart were leading the usual mad suspects of my Hessians (Hesse-Cassel, all mine apart from the CinC which was Barts (?)) in Prussian pay (nay, I'm sure the British subsidies were too little too late in this case, because I wasn‘t allowed to field more than 8 units!!!). And we were testing some of Angus‘ old perma-project: a "nice" SYW ruleset ... I forgot what the exact rules system almalgaments were this time, but is was fit for purpose.

Me and Bart actually tried to advance, but were "Hessitant" most of the time, but in exchange we "amused" the enemy gun batteries with our withering 4-pounder salvoes. In the last turn, I had a successful charge which destroyed their Rhinelandish resolve and the first regiment retreated.
In the end we suffered the fate of every conquerer, we will never be sure, if it was a true victory or just psychological phyrric, as such is the state of mind of the inhabitants of this valley – nothing really matters, only the next drink.

The (AWI) Hessians starring as the Hessians
Königswinter and its gallant defenders
The Hessian sluggish advance 
Barts Brigade was hit time and again 
While mine was just "Hessitant"
... even after been pointed towards the objective ...
Kölle, alaaf!
The rugged little town missing much of its future charm in this scenario
The distance is still a distance ...
The locals hiding behind large gabbions probably strengthening their resolve with the odd "Pittermänchen"
Even their cavalry is as stagnant as their Colognian beer (author‘s personal opinion!)
De Hesse‘ komme'!
Firing salvo after salvo ...
The Jäger (definitively not from Kur-Pfalz)
Bart pointing at our firing objective - the enemy‘s artillery
...then my brigade advances ...
... to defeat the Mainzer "Jekke" (Joker, loonies)
Our attack from an disheartened Colognian commanders point of view
And the British allied Dragoons appear somewhat reluctantly
The Mainzer brigade gets peppered 
The Jäger‘s sharp practice
Mainz wie es singt und lacht ... und untergeht ... 
A last volley of the Jäger
Row after row of Hessians ... the left bank is under Prussian control again .. or?


  1. CinC was the Landgraf Friedrich II von Hessen-Kassel himself and was mine, the only base painted by myself for that period. Anyway good it good and enjoyable game, despite the fact I was the only sober person left at the table ;)

    1. Wow, impressive! I can‘t remember that I was drunk. :)

  2. A beautiful - and bloody - looking game...

    1. Thank you Phil, I hope there will be more bloody battles to come.

  3. Nice looking town, lovely looking soldiers !
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain! I will keep up the good work and tell Angus to paint more, haha!