Saturday, 16 February 2019

French Indian War somewhere in the Northern jungle

Michael (the new/old one) decided to run a 15mm Seven Years War/French-Indian War scenario to introduce the gang to Rebel & Patrios. Bart and Angus were the French, while me, Peter and Mike were fighting for the old George. In the middle we had light woods flanked by roads and a hill in the middle and up we go!

My force was rather neat and I managed to travel up to the mid-field and form a line comfortably waiting for the arch-enemy. And Bart did linger there a bit, he probably is better suited for cavalry, I guess. The game started quite nicely, and I really like the activation rolls and the miss happs or  glorious moments.

I don‘t know what went wrong, but things were falling apart in the centre and on the other side. Even though I managed to divert some volleys into the centre savages! I had managed to pepper Barts French line quite nicely and had fire superiority, when Peter panic stricken announced, I had to help him, shortly before his centre units got wiped out.
I had to divert my large new recruit unit to block the incoming savages, giving up my upper hand in fire power! - Then the Scotts rolled a double one and, by all means, decided to charge right into the killing field before the French.

That was when the battle was over. Naturally the Scots got more than blisters and my greenies were attacked by a large Iroqoui unit and mauled. Apparently there is no such thing as closing fire in these rules - well its a skirmish game! My flank had gone from very successful to intolerable within two moves. In character, I feigned disgust about the ineptitude of my fellow officers and bargained with Bart free retreat (against a gun) and left the field.

All in all it was a very enjoyable game, and Mike‘s 15mm are a beauty to game with.

Initial deployment

I had the left flank some Greenies and Scots, a small Grenadier unit and a gun

Barts Frenchies looked not too impressive

We even managed to form up a line

With some wild Scots as back up

The French comfortably in the distance 
Mikes unit cards (very useful)

Within gun range ... 
The peppering (amusement) is starting ...

Hold the line! 
in the meantime the middle ...

yeah ... lost somehow ...

The Natives are coming!

Crashing through the ranks 
making minced meat out of our lobsters

Followed up by just a ridiculously small French unit!!!

... So I had to deny them the flank ...

... or try dying denying ...

After a gentlemen agreement we left the gun and the field beaten.


  1. A great looking game with handsome units and a gentlemen agreement? What's not to like?

    1. Thank you Phil! Yes indeed a wonderful game, despite of the lack of performance from my fellows, it was. A rare thing for a German to say, but sometime you know when you are beaten. :)

  2. That looks excellent Michael!

    We too just tried these rules for the French Indian War period and had a lot of fun:

  3. Very nice AAR !

    Best regards Michael