Friday, 19 April 2019

Battle at the pint-trees

Back with a bang! After some traumatic-extended but successful relocation efforts, then some well earned holidays and then some additional catched up cold-flue  ... I'm finally back with some Greco-Roman-Latin-Celtic-Spartan bash with "To the Strongest" in 28mm, featuring Bart with some Latin-early Romans, the old/new Michael with Classical Greeks, Peter with some early Imperial Romans lend from Angus with a whiff of smoke (the minis were rescued from a fire), Campbell with some Romans (and elephants) me with some (un-)Spartan Greeks and finally Alisdair with a dash of Gallo-celtic barbarians - what a Mötley crew, haha!

Well, I was fighting alongside with Campbell‘s Romano-elephants and Alisdair‘s Speed-Celts against the might of the Roman Republic (Sedated Posh Qualude Renegades, in this case) and some Greek traitor allies. We didn‘t had a plan as each player had 100pt on a 8x4 table that just meant - forward!

I had a hard time this time, my Spartans were good shots but lousy fighters (I know) ... so I had to do the unthinkable and terminate my Lacedaemonian membership with immediate effect and, yes, tactically retreat. Actually twice, just to hold the line - and yes, it did hurt the Romans, BUT Alisdair already had stormed forward attacked Bart and continued to do so until he was wiped from the board.

So that's when our right flank collapsed, no disintegrated, now it was just a matter of time and after two turns, my Greek deep phalanges were collapsing under front AND flanking attacks. I can now officially blame the fanatical, unwashed and tattooed Celts and hide my Spartan shame in overtly accusative rants! (If I think about it, I even was able to gave the Romans (Peter) a hard time breaking me, while I was drawing shit cards ... ha!) ... but yes in the end a collapsing flank is the end in "To the Strongest". You can prolong and delay the inevitable but you cannot evade it. Still it was a fantastic game, I‘m warming up to them ... ;)

Some uncommented impressions of the antique slaughter for your personal entertainment (you won‘t get that in a circus!)


  1. Gosh, what a lot of lovely miniatures!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain, oh yes,... lots of them ... I guess we have a couple of guys with a couple of ancient armies now ... I lost count, haha!