Friday, 14 August 2020

1813 - Schnitzelklopfen at Metzelheim - 28mm Napoleonics

 It was a necessity - Ladies and Gentlemen! After such a long pause and some bribing in the form of "Kartoffel-chips", I agreed to play even the British in this 28mm, Black Powder epos playing somewhere somehow in the later Naps ... I would have even played 6mm bronze age levies vs 28mm Polish winged hussars on the rules of By Fire & Sword at that time,  if you would have asked me!

Bart (Polish /French) and Campbell (Würtembergers and assorted Weiss-Wurst-Germans) set up against Peter (some to me unidentify-able British allies) and myself playing the Brits (and the Scots Greys). We would contest around a 4 BUA's / village (I baptised it Metzelheim) each worth of 10 victory points (vp), each regiment killed would bring 5vp, artillery 1vp - what else do you need to know?

The Frenchies won the 1st turn and promptly occupied the half of the village. Then me and Peters Brits sloggishly smurfed their way forward, the Scottish Horse even defied the order. 2nd turn more of the same and Bart started to pressurise Peter - and seemed to win the cavalry battle! My Brits occupied promptly my quarter of the village/objective and  ... the Greys still didn't moved ... too mush or too less Whisky, the night before, perhaps?

Then Campbell started to attack and that was when I really got good - my troops somehow excelerated! His cavalry attack forced a regiment into square formation, from then it went down hill. Next turn, I moved forward concentrated fire on his regiments, and the Greys and Dragoons (?) suddenly attacked, successfully and charged again and sweeped away what was in the way after that. The next turns followed the same pattern. 

At the end he had 1 last Infantry regiment in da house ... and I was enjoying bombarding/firing at him. Bart in between, slightly worried, send some attack columns over to the 90 degree turned frontline ... and did right that ...  but again it relaxed more the pressure on our side, then anything he might had hoped for or planned for... point wise we won by 1 vp!! Even though the French kept 3 quarters of Metzelheim! 


Hau das Schnitzel platt!!! 

That will teach the Swabians to compare themselves to the Scots (ref to South German Tourist info, no joke!)

And the best: I did not loose a single unit, not a half drunken typhoid Horse Artillery powder monkey. Splendid! 

The ones!
The enemy lines up for slaughter - D.O.A!

Some Schaschlik - Hussars
Peters rest ...

The under-promising French-Poles - maybe their lances were too short, this time!
The Wurtembergers - beautiful, but doomed.

First fights over Metzelheim

Peter nearly messed it up ... but prudently fell back
The Greys are coming!

the Cavalry swept up

Morituri te salutant! - in vain they do not understand latin!
at the end of sweeping

Rearranging and reforming
the Front turns

The turkey shooting starts

The Polish-French-associates come to attack ...
but to no avail ...


  1. It was lovely to finally be able to have a game with you. With that excitement I added you extra points and declared you a victorious side ;) My lances were with the proper size, they destroyed 2 British cavalries, horse artillery and together with my infantry British infantry unit. So yes, the size was enough. :D

    1. Thanks for that fabulous lovely game/battle. I started the game careless about victory, had a lot of fun, thought felt like a victor, in the end apparently the points did not suffice - so I didn‘win, and again I'm back to the starting point, haha! Hodie mihi, cras tibi!