Saturday, 1 May 2021

1760 - Combat at Rauchenthal - Seven Years War (fictional scenario)

It was time again for some 28mm, Seven Years War (Seven Years Rule set) bashing, BECAUSE Bart just had finished his first Saxon brigade (drumroll and a huzzah everybody!!!). So I just tabled all my Prussians (with a little help of some AWI Hessian Grenadiers and some SYW Russian dragoons) vs the Saxons and some Austrians.

The Allied army had way more infantry and also bigger units, but I had more guns (it just happened to have finished my Prussian artillery ... hehe!). I made command and cavalry equal.

The Saxo-Austrians started the game and advanced, and soon on both flanks the cavalry fights started to errupt. Then my Prussian two medium gun batteries started to fire and dominate the battle field. If they concentrate they could take out one line regiment per turn - or at least send them into retreat. Problem was though that would take 10 turns to eliminate the Austrians .... time they did not have, especially after the cavalry fight on their right was ending in disaster. 

Recklessly I advanced my thin Prussian line, I even turned around the left flank after cavalry losses! The Austro-Saxons were suffering (Bart started to moan), but soon my centre was collapsing as well, cuirassiers were appearing behind my lines ... a sign of an end to come.

These cuirassiers attacked and survived a cannister!! and wiped out half of my guns! I tried to salvage the situation with some reckless Hussar counter-attack, but at that time my centre was already beyond repair. My left looked OK though, but you don‘t win a battle like that. So I conceded defeat. Congrats Bart!

It was a terrific game and it just looked as though it could turned out the other way, but then the Prussians melted faster than the Austrians, and they had more of them!

Yes, too much guns can dominate the battlefield, but only as long as you can keep them free to do so. Collapsing flanks and centres don‘t help either.

Initial set up

The new Saxon brigade (Crann Tarra miniatues)

The Prussians

First the Allies moved

The massive Austrian Army advances

Then the careless Prussian open fire and advance

more fire exchanges

The Saxons fire

After a first defeat the Prussians salvage their left flank

The Seidlytz Hussars are on and off table ... most of the time

The centre Prussian brigade is somewhat isolated ... ouch

Relentless fire continues ...

more and more Austrians are retreating ...

But the Prussian right flank collapses and cuirassiers are behind lines!!!

still most of the Austrians are retreating but they rest is advancing !!!

The Prussian centre is collapsing too

Valiantly the Hungarians attack

Still the Prussian menace - their guns

the Saxons clear slowly the centre of the Prussinas

Loads of German-Hungarian lines are retreating ... but hey, they have enough

The Austrian Cuirassiers survived a cannister and destroyed one Prussian battery

Badly hit, but surviving ...

The Austro-Saxon line advance

The prussians just have a quarter of the field

The Death Hussars try to save the guns

The Saxons fire

The Austrians retreat

The remnants of the Prussian centre retreat

The Death Hussars attack the badly hit cuirassiers

Still the Saxons fire

After (with great luck) The Hussars defeat the cuirassiers, I concede defeat

The death toll table, clearly more Prussians on the left...


  1. It was great game, whith a very constructive chat at the end. Glorious day for my Saxons! I need more of them. Next brigade soon.

    1. Yep, agree!! Well, you know, they end up all with the Prussians ... ;)