Wednesday, 9 June 2021

1870 - Night falls at Kicheren III - Franco-Prussian War

 This is the conclusion of the fictitious battle at Kicheren, 1870 (10mm, Black Powder plus amends) at the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War, where Campbell (as Prussian) last time ( got stuck in the killing zone of the chassepots and had to stall his attacks. Bart kept to his strategy rather not to let the Krupp guns shot him down, than attack or move his guns within range, and there fore into the Krupp killing zone.

Both had licked their wounds, and the last ammunitions were being distributed, the cavalries were exhausted - now something had to give. Campbell advanced with his guns and picked more and more at Barts infantry and guns, and that started to hurt. At some point Bart did some countercharges, we had some exchanges, more death rides, and finally two miscalculated charges, that would cost him the victory, albeit the tactical, as the Prussians were running out of ammo as well!!!

The literally last charge of an healthy Prussian reserve regiment on a French guards position, which was beaten up by Krupp guns earlier, was sending the guards into the ground. The French flank was open, the French centre was just consisting of a few guns...  the end was near and as the gentle night had thrown a blanket of mercy over the slaughter ... we concluded the battle as a minor Prussian victory and over.

Campbells cavalry outnumbered the French, but most of it was, like his right (soft) flank, disordered and in no form to chase anything.

Plus most of his guns were silent now, as just few of them had ammunition. He kept the ammo for the last long-ranger in his assortment of Krupps. But he had one foot in the door/on the line that the French so valiantly defended for so long until they attacked.

Bart/the French was/were in no better condition: his guns most out of ammo or destroyed, almost all his cavalry gone, with only his left flank more or less in tact - they would have made a retreat over night.

So congratulations to both, first Campbell for an excellent victory, you finally managed to break Barts flank, and as well, to Bart for holding out so long and fighting a cavalry fight against all odds for so long. If he wouldn‘t have recklessly committed two final charges (the last charge syndrome), we concluded he might had won the day ... but he didn‘t. And yes, it was an attrition battle in the end.

We all agreed we had lots of fun and next time, Bart maybe gets my Prussians pretending to be Bavarians, as he dislikes playing Prussians (good for me for the Seven Years War, hehe), while Campbell gets the French guard ... next time when we play 10mm that is ...

Initial starting point - french first move ...

Literally just shooting ...

Then the guards charged some guns and killed them off!!

The chasseurs left the building!!!

More metal!!! and the Krupps advance ...

And even further ...

The Prussians still try one last cavalry attack...

The chasseurs attack comes to an halt

The horse artillery shoots away the last French cavalry another death ride!

The Krupps starting to shoot guns and infantry away

The horse artillery of the Prussians (left) has just one round left on ammo

The Prussian centre is disordered beyond repair ...

The Prussian Leibgarde charges in and kills a regiment

The Prussian centre a misterious cavalry contingent forms ...

The last French horse charges ... sending shaken Prussians home!

More Krupp fire, but with less guns firing ...

French guns and the Mitrailleuse killing off the Leibgarde.

More Shooting ... less and less ammo ...

Somehow the Prussian centre sinks into disorder again

The first Prussian guns get quiet ...

The last Prussian cavalry attack is repelled - no ammo also ...

The last Prussian regiment charges into the last French guard and wins

Left the French casualties, right the Prussians

Night falls, darkness ends the slaughter ...

The last Prussian regiment unopposed in the french side


  1. That was quite an epic game, with a fittingly close result.
    Regards, James

    1. Thank you, James! Yes, indeed! Lovley to see the bloody "learning curve" of the generals involved. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Well, there is always the next time ... revanche ... ;)