Friday, 28 March 2014

The Battle at Creeky Mill (Part three)

Ja, Ja, Ja, just like we use to say: first it comes differently, secondly as one thought it would be.

News - stop:
The British finally cross the river. The Untested Hessians as well as the Jägers keep it going while under heavy attack.

Ah, yes, the American "attack", or at least they came nearer. A ‘Blunder‘ for "Paul Washington" and they lost two units in the process – so it looks fifty-fifty again.

Also the meekly Hessians (von Donop?) saved 3 artillery shots!! - just to perish in the next round.

Aaand the Indians arrived at the Inn of the Creepy Mill.

So its all up again. No gloom anymore, Fortuna favoured the definitively the Redcoats this time, but it doesn‘t look all roses. I think its at the point where no one has a strategem left and the battle is so much advanced that nobody can do any thing big any how. So just the dice really. Nice.

Aaaand yess  -  next time part four!

The American left flank is  coming nearer ...

The British reserve sways to the other flank

The immaculate Hessian untested (weaklings) after an artillery barrage

The infamous American Militia Men attacking the barn

Finally the British massing to cross the river

The Hessian Jäger try to cover the Artillery

The Hessian Prinz Carl Regiment aims at the Dragoons

The Hessian Jägers just survive 
The British are coming

Promised map from last time

Where we left it


  1. Very nice, beautiful troops and pictures, and great looking maps too...

  2. Thanks Phil, troops are all Perry‘s, and the maps are done with InDesign.