Monday, 24 March 2014

The Battle at Creeky Mill (Part two)

Rivers can be very intimidating, for some. You never know when you reach the other side, or how deep they eventually can be.  This can turn into a real nightmare, when you are under enemy fire and you want to survive.

And they are wet and cold.

The continuation of the glorious misconception of the term battle. The British troops still dither and can‘t make it over the river, are caught in-between, thanks to some of my general rolling Blunders again(!!!).
Paul played the Chief in Command of the Americans and Matt was his French Adjutant. I was in charge (more or less as it turned out later) of the British and Richard helped to herd the Hessians over the river.

What shall I say, I can‘t even bother to draw a new map as nothing much has changed. (Maybe for the next battle as a prep).

A few highlights:

The British Dragoons were finally shot at the Mill, followed by their comrades, The British LI Guards they got shot at the stables. The British Guard of the right flank got mauled by a French flank fusillade, but survived. The French then turned out to be not of the warrior type (Stamina 1). The Hessian test with the same result. The Natives hop back over the river. The American centre attacks (yes, a rare sight indeed!) The British fail to get over the river.

The ‘Guards‘ take a heavy toll

The Stockbridge Indians prove that they can cross rivers without the use of a bridge!

The creator measuring up the luck of the British troops

The newly arrived Hessian prove to be a bit weak

Ladies and Gentleman, the Americans attack!

The British again,  top in one of their best categories: queuing

The Hessians still trying to find a bridge


  1. Beautiful pics and figures, once again!

  2. Thanks Phil! In a fortnight I will play a Renaissance game (with another Paul)! Valois against Habsburg! Watch out!